three things to stick

Three Things to Stick

By Lindsay Wolf

Whether transitioning from the original ChapterBuilder, or diving in for the first time in ChapterBuilder 2.0, there’s no better time than now to form new growth strategies to prepare for the fall!

It is easy to visualize the finish line, that goal group of new members joining your organization to leave their own legacies. While we can see the end goal in sight, it can be challenging to jumpstart your strategy and know where to begin. Getting started on the right foot has the potential to set the tone for your overall strategy! These three steps will ensure you and your team get closer to that goal:

Add 5 Team Members

Being a recruitment officer is a tedious job! There are event logistics, reporting forms, public relations and campus engagements to manage, all to ensure the individuals that join your organization are the very best fit. By adding at least five fellow team members to your account to add leads, manage communication and input notes, the recruitment team can function more effectively without solely relying on one officer. More time for enjoying the summer!

Create 1 Form

Have you ever wondered what sets successful growth systems apart? Creating a general interest form through Chapter Builder allows your chapter to generate leads effortlessly. Forms request the name and contact information from those interested in your organization, which then turn that info into leads on your list. Include your form link in your Instagram bio, add it to your website or even share with your alumni association. Watch those names pile up!

Add 10 Leads

We have our team ready to go, but where do we begin? Gather some names from your chapter of those who would be a great fit for your organization. Maybe they are from your intramural league or someone you met on your residence hall floor. Add their name, contact info and any important details to their profile on ChapterBuilder and send a message. Saying hello is the first step in a lifetime of friendship!