Growth Beyond the Yard

Growth Beyond the Yard

For the past two semesters, you have been focused on accessing who is on your yard (campus) and who are the right quality people to be a part of your organization. You have been trying to avoid “T-shirt wearers” or people who will just denounce right after they join! However, the real question is how have you measured your year.


Now that it’s summertime, everyone is trying to be outside! Whether you choose to be outside or inside, the time for true relationships to begin is during the S.U.M.M.E.R.:

S: Strengthening

U: Understanding of

M: Membership

M: through Meaningful

E: Engagements and

R: Recruitment* (tactics)

One thing we know for sure is that “You can’t recruit who you don’t know”. Also, we understand everyone shows up on different sides of the “Vert Family”: extro-verts, intro-verts, and we can’t forget ambi-verts, when it comes to the comfort of meeting new people.


Regardless of your personality type, we need all hands on deck regarding establishing meaningful engagements and dynamic recruitment tactics, because you can’t recruit who you don’t know!


Here are a few tactical strategies your organization/council can use to be normal, develop a growth system, and light the phire this S.U.M.M.E.R.!


*PNMs-Potential New Members

*Recruitment-The ability to attract, select, and retain quality interest





  • Volunteering at your campus’s summer orientation session

  • Speak on behalf of your council/organization during summer bridge programs for underrepresented cultural groups.

  • Scheduling 1:1 meetings with key stakeholders who can enhance your organization’s/council’s visibility and/or identify pipelines for you to connect to more people, i.e., FSL advisor, Dean of Students, Department Directors, and Ethnic Alumni Associations.








  • Help PNMs* understand how to navigate your membership, i.e., explaining the difference between a recruitment week, informational meeting, and interest meeting.

  • Create a marketing plan in which you narrate your own experience, not someone else’s telling the wrong story, which can cause misconceptions about what your organization is truly about.

  • Identify tactical ways to drive more leads, pipelines, and connections.


  • Navigate relationships behind the scenes: DMs, text messages, and e-mails are all intentional ways to stay connected to people.

  • 1:1 meetings help strengthen and secure relationships.

  • Be the bridge to tell the personal stories of why it’s worth it and the valued added experience, not just the history lesson and misaligned expectations.




Headshot Circle_Tenea 2 Written by Tenea McGhee, Director of Growth (CBFO Specialist)