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From Likes to Leads – Marketing that Connects!

Something I say often, is advertising counts impressions, marketing counts connections.

It’s easy for us to be impressed on social media. Whether it’s a catchy new Tik Tok jingle, or a fun new filter on Snapchat, it doesn’t take much to hold our attention for a second. Impressions are short and sweet – we hold on to them briefly, but they don’t linger or last. Connections last. Connections are ongoing. As fraternity and sorority advisors, we want to be encouraging ways that students can count connections – not impressions.

The question we need to be asking is – how can we turn our likes… into leads? When I talk with students across the country about marketing, social media is the number one tactic that students want to use to find leads for their organization. So, we need to turn more of our likes, and followers, into leads. The more leads we can drive through our social media, the more names we can add to our list, so that we can attract, select, and secure the right members to our fraternity and sorority community.

So, what are some ways we can do this? How CAN we turn likes into leads?

Here are a few ways you may encourage students to engage in marketing strategies that connect on social media:

  1. Engage in two-way communication. Invite feedback and foster conversation. Comment on posts and send DMs. Open up the line of communication.

  2. Host events, online (and offline.) Plan a live event, or video interaction, maybe it’s a fun podcast. Something that encourages interaction and collaboration.

  3. Create a survey, or host question and answer opportunities. This will encourage students to share their thoughts and ideas openly.

  4. Implement a referral program. Maybe add in an incentive, or giveaway to encourage people to make referrals through your social media.

  5. Collaborate with other student organizations. Share networks to help broaden the audience of individuals you can connect with.

Social media can be a great tool for our marketing strategies, as long as we are focused on connections not impressions. Adding in just a few new connection opportunities to your social media plan can help drive leads to your name list and help chapters recruit more people to your organizations.

455143234-headshot-circle_lindsayWritten by Lindsay Holdren, Growth Consultant