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New Companion App!

Revolutionizing the Recruitment Experience

We are thrilled to announce one of the most significant updates and product improvements for the Fall 2024 Recruitment season: the new Companion App!

Introducing the New Companion App

After reviewing your critical feedback, the Phired Up team spent the last few months rebuilding and updating key features of the Companion App. This new app is focused on an enhanced user experience and introducing new features. Our goal with these updates is to ensure a smooth recruitment experience that prioritizes clear communication, eliminates confusion, and promotes confidence among potential members. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new!


1. New Design:

The new design provides a streamlined experience, making it easier to navigate through the Companion App! You’ll find that the refreshed design, colors, and logos provide better alignment with the Phired Up brand and offer a modern and cohesive look.

2. Message of the Day (MOTD) Enhancement:

The Message of the Day feature makes it even easier for your council admin to directly connect with students who are in the recruitment process. The update only allows the council admin to customize this communication, eliminating confusion and ensuring clarity!

3. Enhanced Preference Confirmation for Single Intentional Preferences:

For communities following a RFM-style recruitment, we’ve introduced a new feature. When a PNM does not maximize their selections after Preference Round, they will receive an extra message to confirm their decision to submit a Single Intentional Preference and ensure clarity moving forward.

4. Updated Council Info Tab:

We’ve enhanced the Council Information tab to now display your council’s email address and website information. This improvement aims to streamline communication between participants and your council’s Administrative Recruitment Team, making it easier for students to reach out directly for support.

5. And so much more!

From streamlined scheduling to recording notes of their recruitment experience to council’s linking videos for chapters that appear directly in the Companion App for participants to view – the new companion app is centered around offering the most organized and simplified recruitment experience so potential members can focus on finding their people faster!

Ready to revolutionize the recruitment experience at your campus?

Are you a Phired Up Partner using CampusDirector already?

Students in the recruitment process will simply need to download the Companion App here:

Apple App Store 


Not a Phired Up Partner?

Or are you a Phired Up Partner but not using CampusDirector?

CampusDirector is your chapter’s best tool for managing potential members during recruitment! Connect with our Phired Up team today for the most organized and streamlined recruitment process!

Wait, What is the Companion App?!

The Companion App is an application designed for students entering the recruitment process. It is seamlessly integrated with CampusDirector, our online recruitment tool, making it easier for users to enter selections and manage the recruitment experience. Not only is it easy and a huge time saver, but the Companion App allows users to safely and securely view their schedule, view messages and educational recruitment videos, connect with their recruitment guides, and enter selections for each round of recruitment.

How to Utilize Companion App

The Companion App is the central hub for managing the entire recruitment process for our PNMs, from scheduling and priority rankings to selections and communication. Here’s how you can leverage its features:

  • Simplify Communication: Use the app to easily connect with campus support and your recruitment counselor, streamlining communication and ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Stay Organized: Keep potential members organized by utilizing the app’s intuitive interface and note-taking capabilities. Take advantage of its features to recall important details and maintain clarity throughout the recruitment process.


CampusDirector + CompanionApp = Recruitment Besties!

To access the full suite of recruitment tools and resources offered by the Companion App, your campus will need to adopt CampusDirector. Offering a comprehensive solution for managing recruitment efficiently, CampusDirector™ is Phired Up’s online recruitment tool for the fully-structured to semi-structured fraternity and sorority recruitment processes. It is effortless, automated, and guaranteed to make recruitment successful on your campus!  Connect with our Phired Up team today and the most organized and streamlined recruitment process. 
We’re excited to offer your campus the opportunity to use this new and improved recruitment tool! We believe the newest iteration of our Companion App will be a game changer for your chapters as we move towards Summer and Fall 2024 Recruitment! We look forward to partnering with you for a successful recruitment season ahead!


Stay Phired Up!