Continuous Names Driving

by Darrin Nixon

Yeah, I know, seems like just another weird phrase. However, if we break it down, it becomes less of an odd phrase and instead a strategy that ensures the consistent growth of your chapter!


The Oxford language defines the word Continuous as forming an unbroken whole without interruption.

Merriam-Webster defines the word Continuous as marked by uninterrupted extension, is space, time, or sequence. In mathematics, a continuous function means there are no abrupt changes in value, known as discontinuities. As you may have noticed, a common theme with the word continuous is that it is uninterrupted!

Now, when we apply this word to our respective recruitment process, we understand that searching for potential members should never stop. I mean, does the military stop searching? The NFL? The NBA? College sports teams?

I didn’t think so! So, what makes you think you can stop?


Names, everyone has one! To some, a name is just a conglomerate of letters, and to them, I say, “shame on you”!

Those affiliated individuals who are true to their goal of growing their organization know that names are not just names, but they are people! People with meaning, skills, passion for academia, and desire to serve, but most of all, names are the things that grow our organizations!

If you’re familiar with the philosophy here at Phired Up, then you know that we firmly believe that “Quantity Drives Quality”! Organizational growth starts with names on a list, simple!


Driving, now this one is a little tricky because it doesn’t fit its technical definition! However, you get the idea! In this context, “driving” simply means “in pursuit of.”

In pursuit of what you may ask? NAMES!

Continuous Names Driving

Now that we know what “Continuous Name Driving” is, you may ask why it is important if I want to grow my organization. Well, every major championship-level team (and social movements, churches, silicon-valley start-ups, etc.) grows their organizations similarly… by getting names on a list!

Now, I am not saying this is the “end all be all,” but I am saying that this is a crucial step in the growth process and, arguably, the most important!

We’ve covered what continuous name driving is, and now I am sure you want to know how to drive names continuously. Well, it’s a good thing for you that we already have an entire document dedicated to name driving, which you can check out here!

Continuous. Names. Driving. GO!

Until next time, my Phired Up Phriends!