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Ready Your Engines!

Imagine this… you insert your key into the ignition, expecting the car to spring into motion. Silly, right? You see, inserting the key (or for you fancy folks, getting it near the ignition) is merely the first step in the “driving” process. After the key is in place, you then have to turn it (or push that little button), shift the car into the correct gear, gently apply pressure to the gas pedal (especially for those of us with less sensitivity in our feet), and finally, you can GO! Now, those are just a few of the visible steps in the system, but there’s so much more happening under the hood that requires an advanced understanding of car mechanics to fully grasp!


Now you may be thinking, “Dang Darrin, what was all that for?” Well, you see, while inserting the key is a small step in the process of driving, it’s arguably the most important. However, without the other steps, driving the vehicle becomes practically impossible.


Similarly, you can put names on a list or collect personal information all day long, but without actually building connections with those people, you get nowhere. Trust me, we see it all the time! A chapter may have 100+ names on the list but still only crosses lines of 1, 2, or 3 individuals. Why is that? Because after the name is on the list, we must continue to move the needle!


During these summer months, you should focus on creating a system that converts your “key” (the names on your list) into a “driving vehicle” (new members).


During the semester, your attention is pulled in many different directions, making it challenging to both develop and utilize such a system! As the famous motivational speaker Les Brown says, “If you do what’s easy, your life will be hard. However, if you do what’s hard, your life will be easy.” Invest the effort now to build a strong system, and it will pay off by making your work easier and more effective in the future!


It’s as simple as 1,2,3,4,5

1. Insert the Key (Name on the List)

    • Example: Create a spreadsheet with columns for names, contact information, and notes on their interests or connections to your organization. Pssst…Chapter Builder is a great tool to do this


2. Turn the Key (Engage with Prospects)

    • Example: Reach out to the people on your list with personalized messages.


3. Shift into Gear (Develop Relationships)

    • Example: Engage in conversations to learn more about their interests and how your organization can align with them.
    • Message Example: “It was great meeting you at the event last week! I’d love to learn more about you and what you’re passionate about!


4. Press the Gas Pedal (Offer Value and Information)

    • Example: Provide valuable information or opportunities that align with their interests, such as inviting them to exclusive events and sharing relevant resources.
    • Message Example: “We’re hosting an event on [topic] next Saturday, and I think it would be a fantastic fit for you.You trying to slide?”


5. Drive Forward (Guide Them Through the Joining Process)

    • Example: Make the process of joining your organization straightforward. Provide clarity to questions and be available to answer any questions.


Here are a few of my favorite resources that will help your “keys” into “moving vehicles”:


Until Next Time My Phired Up Phriends,

Darrin Nixon Headshot Written by Darrin Nixon, Growth Consultant