How to Get Going Again

by Colleen Kelty

“I just gotta make it till the weekend”. 

It feels like we’ve just been waiting.

Waiting for the weekend.

Waiting for recruitment to be over, for finals to be over, for it finally to be winter break.

So we can finally take a deep breath.

It’s a lot, don’t get me wrong. And the “just gotta keep going until…” mindset can be helpful when we’re at our most overwhelmed. But, if we live in that mindset forever, we miss out on celebrating the present and strategizing for the future. And that doesn’t set our brains up for success when we finally get there.

So, we embrace winter break.

We allow ourselves the space to relax, to breathe.

And then we get back to work.

But how do we get going again?

Whether you’re a new officer, newly initiated, or a seasoned pro, it’s hard to pick up momentum after a well-deserved rest.

Start with your intentions for the semester.

  • What goals do you have?
  • What opportunities?
  • What might get in your way?
  • What resources can help you along?

Once you’ve considered what the spring semester looks like, ask yourself the same questions about the upcoming year or two years.

Taking the time to set goals and intentions for the upcoming semester lets your brain know it’s time to get going. Let it serve as the catalyst for your motivation. It can seem daunting to see where we want to go, but you can do this!

Intention-setting not only gets us motivated, it provides a reminder when we’re feeling overwhelmed and need to “just make it to the weekend”. When the semester feels heavy and a lot to handle, the goals we set earlier can provide us with direction and inspiration.

It can feel counterproductive to allow ourselves to reset without guilt – after all, there’s so much to be done! But embracing rest, setting intentions, and getting back to work is not only possible – it’s impactful. The time you dedicate to setting goals now will be returned as you navigate new seasons with courage and confidence!

When we return to our duties with mindfulness and intention, we give ourselves grace in times of challenge, and the opportunity to thrive in times of success. So, let’s take a breath, let’s set our intentions, and let’s get back to work.