_I believe sorority starts with how we choose to treat any person we interact with at any given time. It extends beyond just our sorority experience, but rather, truly thinking about how we choose to engage wit (11)

Fraternity and Sorority Marketing Manifesto

We believe that fraternities and sororities change the world – for the better – every day. We believe that fraternities and sororities help people become the best version of themselves. We believe that fraternities and sororities matter – matter to people, communities, and the world. We believe that more of the right people in fraternities and sororities = a better world.

We believe that fraternities and sororities deserve a values-centered, research-based, relationship-focused approach to marketing. We believe that people – real human connection – is at the center of all great marketing work. Our products and services help people come together, they facilitate relationships, they are conversations on a grander scale. They grow fraternities and sororities, and they make the world better.

The fraternity/sorority industry has existed for over 200 years yet it enjoys less than a 10% market share of 4-year college students. This is a problem. We can do better. The industry lacks a professional data-driven marketing strategy to sell its value to prospective members. In the last decade, the industry has adopted more effective tactics for front-line sales (i.e. Phired Up’s Dynamic Recruitment training for members, staff, and volunteers), and that sales force deserves strong marketing support.

Marketing is selling. Marketing for fraternity/sorority = selling fraternity/sorority. To prospective members, to current members, to alumni. Marketing is personal. It is a conversation. The buyer must be at the center of the strategy. Their needs. Their beliefs. Their values. Know your audience.

Marketing is a conversation. Social Excellence on a larger scale. Marketing is done by the people. The brochures and brands just make it easier, broader, and more consistent.

Marketing is emotional. It is an expression and exchange of values. It is a heart to heart exchange of beliefs. A nod of deep understanding and an affirmation of mutual worth.

Our marketing must be rooted in human connection.

“Go Greek” is not marketing. It’s begging. It’s shouting. It’s demanding. It’s selfish. We can do better.

We don’t want to be the biggest marketing firm. We don’t want to make the most brochures or catalogs or t-shirts. We want to be the firm that does marketing differently. We want to put people and relationships and real human connection in the middle of everything we do. We want to know Greek Life more intimately, more authentically than any other marketing firm in the world. We want to be the marketing firm that grows Greek life in quantity and quality.

We want to get results. Your goal is not prettier t-shirts, clever events, louder social media shouting, or showcase brochures. Your goal is more members; better members. The kind that join, stay, lead, and live the purpose of your organization. The goal is a better fraternal movement. Phired Up isn’t another marketing firm, we are the only marketing firm whose mission is 100% tied to yours — let’s work together to grow Greek Life by bringing more people to your cause.


Phired Up Productions is proud to offer strategic marketing services to help fraternities and sororities grow. Contact us (www.phiredup.com) to learn more.