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What Is Dynamic Recruitment?

Dynamic Recruitment is one end of a continuum of how a fraternity/sorority chapter attracts, selects, and secures its new members. The other end is called “Static Recruitment.”

Static Recruitment is the “let’s see who comes to us” and the “I hope they like us” approach. Static Recruitment depends upon a chapter being impressive. Static Recruitment outsources control of the prospect pool to someone else. Static Recruitment always seeks the quick solution. Static Recruitment seeks to maintain the status quo.

Dynamic Recruitment is Phired Up’s core philosophy on the science of fraternity/sorority growth. (Learn more about the equally important art of fraternity/sorority growth: Social Excellence.) This isn’t about recruitment processes or rules or structure. It is about beliefs, and behaviors that demonstrate those beliefs.

Chapters that do Dynamic Recruitment demonstrate, in their own way, the following beliefs.

Dynamic Recruiting chapters believe that authentic relationships — real human connection — must be at the center of their system. Everything they do creates, nurtures, deepens, and maintains genuine relationships between the members of the chapter and non-members.

Dynamic Recruiting chapters believe in being proactive. They take ownership over their own potential and results. They are active, never passive, in their growth efforts. They take responsibility for their interactions, their story, and the experiences they provide.

Dynamic Recruiting chapters believe that they must be intentional in their conversations, relationship-building activities, data gathering, and recruitment tracking to ensure the RIGHT members join their chapter. They are intentionally inclusive and welcoming. They are intentional in the way they seek key information about potential members and the way they convey information about their chapter experience.

Dynamic Recruiting chapters believe that quantity drives quality. The more people the chapter knows, the more likely it is that the chapter will find the right members to join, stay, lead, and live the values of the organization. They believe that the chapter only benefits by meeting more people and being highly networked into their campus community, and they believe that being selective leads to healthier, safer, and more successful chapters.

Dynamic Recruiting chapters believe that joining a chapter for life is a serious matter. It deserves thoughtful consideration, generous dialogue, and transparency that ensures all parties understand the expectations of membership.

Dynamic Recruiting chapters believe in personalized systems. Repeatable systems outlast and ultimately outperform temporary leadership and talent. The system, however, is only as valuable as the amount of personal care and attention it provides for each individual potential member.

Dynamic Recruitment is not defined by tactics or gimmicks or policies or structure. It manifests differently for different organizations on different campuses and within different systems and cultures. But Dynamic Recruiting chapters always make choices that reflect these 6 core beliefs.