Top 5 Tips for Panhellenic Continuous Recruitment (Blog Header)

Top 5 Tips for Panhellenic Continuous Recruitment

Build a plan to MEET as many of the right non-Greek women as possible.

We have LOTS of ideas to help you meet non-Greek women. Click here. This is the most important of our 5 tips. Remember, “you can’t recruit who you don’t know.” Plan to meet at least 10x to 15x the amount of women you hope to recruit.


Build a plan to RECORD and manage information about PNMs.

Once you meet a woman, record as much data about her as possible. That way you can make thoughtful, informed, data-driven membership selection decisions. ChapterBuilder is a recruitment technology built specifically for year-round recruiting chapters. This is the fastest growing recruitment software in the sorority market. More sororities (on your campus) are using ChapterBuilder than ever before. Learn more at


Build a plan to consistently INVITE PNMs to opportunities to connect.

Every Sunday and Wednesday night just became “recruitment committee eats ice cream and sends text messages night.” (We need to come up with a better name). Make plans to consistently spend an hour or so a couple times a week sending texts that say something like, “Hi Kayla! I’m Anna. We met on campus this week when we were handing out lemonade. I loved our chat! I want to learn about you and maybe tell you about an org I belong to. Can we grab coffee on campus? What time do you get out of class on Thursday?”


Build a plan to generously HOST PNMs in multiple ways that build connections with the chapter.

Coffee dates. Study nights. Yoga on the quad. Information Sessions. Service/philanthropy events. Sporting events. Weekend excursions. Open chapter/sisterhood events. More coffee dates. You get the idea. Stuff you do in your normal not-at-the-sorority-house life. Every week there should be two group/chapter “events” planned and lots and lots of one-on-one meetings/coffees/lunches, etc. Most PNMs need between 3 and 8 experiences (that move them thoughtfully from 1:1 to small group to chapter event) before they are ready to commit.


Build a plan to ASK PNMs to join in a way that honors them and secured commitment.

First of all, every woman you’re recruiting deserves an opportunity to have a real, serious, honest conversation about the expectations of membership, their concerns, and whether or not they’re ready to commit. This is called a pre-close conversation, and in COB it is completely appropriate. Make sure you’re genuine and honest and honor her decision-making process. Then, when you’re ready (your chapter has determined the PNM is qualified for membership and you want to give her a bid) and she’s ready (she’s said “yes” when you ask “If we gave you an invitation, would you want to join?”), ask her for commitment in a special way. She deserves this life-changing moment.