A Tidy ChapterBuilder Makes You Successful (Here’s How to Get There)

by Luke Lenfestey

As it’s Spring Cleaning season, it’s time to take a moment and clean up your ChapterBuilder accounts. Trust us, a tidy ChapterBuilder makes you a superstar in the eyes of your peers and advisors. By doing this now, you will have less headaches at the beginning of the semester, and be ready for the upcoming recruitment season! Not sure where to start? No worries, we’ve got you covered with four practical tips that will help you tidy up your account and set yourself up for success.

  1. Update Member Info: Keep Your Peeps in the Loop

The first step to a tidy ChapterBuilder is to update member info. We need to make sure that the right members have access to your account. This includes ensuring that your members are invited to join your account and that they have the correct email address linked. This way, everyone stays in the loop, and no one misses out on the latest scoop.

And while you’re at it, double-check that everyone’s role is accurate, whether they’re an active member, alumni, or advisor. If you are currently your chapter’s admin, make sure to transfer admin privileges if you will no longer be in your role next semester.


  1. Remove Old Data: Out with the Old, In with the New

Over time, your ChapterBuilder account can get cluttered with old data. We’re talking outdated events, inactive members, old forms, and dead leads. It’s time to say goodbye to the old and make room for the new. Removing old data will help keep your account organized and make it easier to find the information you need.

Start deleting things you know you are not going to use this semester. It is okay to get rid of that BBQ event your chapter held a year ago, as well as that 2021 Orientation interest form. Just download any reports or information you may want to keep before deleting it.

Along with this, delete any leads that have already joined your chapter or may have joined another organization on campus. Just be sure to export and save any important information you may want to come back to later.


  1. Manage Forms: Keep Track of Who’s Who

Forms are the lifeblood of generating your leads list. They’re how you keep track of who was referred from where, and what places and events provide us with the most names.

When cleaning up your forms, delete any inactive ones and make sure your current forms are asking for all the information you need from leads and that link sharing is turned on. There is no point in creating your form if you are never going to share it!


  1. Use Communication Tools: Keep Your Leads Interested

Last but not least, take advantage of ChapterBuilder’s communication tools to keep your leads interested in your organization. Use communication features like texting and email to check in with leads over breaks and see what they are up to. Take it a step further and invite them to hang out if you happen to be in the same area!

Staying in contact with your leads not only keeps them interested in your organization, but also shows that you care about them and want to learn more about them. Doing this will help ensure recruitment and intake success for your organization.

A tidy ChapterBuilder account is the key to success when it comes to planning for recruitment or intake. By updating member info, archiving old data, managing forms, and using communication tools, you’ll be on your way to superstardom in no time. So take some time to clean up your ChapterBuilder account before the end of the semester, and you’ll be the envy of your peers and advisors.