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Maximize Teamwork and Collaboration with ChapterBuilder

by Chris Buck

Have you heard the phrase Together Everyone Achieves More? That couldn’t be more true with ChapterBuilder. Working together as a team inside ChapterBuilder, everyone actually does achieve more. More leads, more relationships, more notes, more touch points, and ultimately more of the members you want to join your organization.

With TechniPhi’s CRM technology ChapterBuilder, teamwork really does make the dream work! Okay, enough of those cheesy quotes already.

When we dove into ChapterBuilder and looked closely at the accounts that had 1-2 team members working inside an account vs 3-5 or even 5+ active team members, the usage results were increasingly higher.

When you’ve got your team huddled together and everyone knows their role, chances are everyone will work together more efficiently and effectively. Now your team can level up. You’ll be ready to apply the tools you need to be successful. If you’re working to convert 30 leads, your team needs a plan to connect with, build relationships with, and bring back insights on those leads so that you’re making the best membership decisions for your organization. ChapterBuilder has tools that make working as a team super simple.

  • Collaborate. When you’re warming up and getting into the technology early to assess yourself and others on your team’s work, you can easily take notes and make comments on communication they’ve had with leads. For example:

  • Delegate. Any smart leader knows the importance of delegating. It not only frees up your time to do other important work but demonstrates that you trust your team members, showing them that their jobs are critical to the success of your organization. Delegating tasks in ChapterBuilder is an easy way to get more done. There are options to assign tasks, set due dates, and receive notifications about those tasks so nothing gets left undone.

  • Encourage. Every team wants a cheering section. “The 12th Man” has certainly won several games with buzzer beaters and last minute touchdowns. Knowing who on your team needs that extra encouragement or who’s knocking it out of the park tells the story of how your team is performing. ChapterBuilder’s leaderboard and insights make it easy for you to know who needs a check in and who needs a high five. You can also leverage your leader board to share their tactics and incentivize more of your team to achieve higher results.

ChapterBuilder’s teamwork tools can help elevate your recruitment game into a moderinzed growth system where teams can attract, select, and secure more of the right members for your organization. Learn more about ChapterBuilder at