What We Learned

What We Learned: The “Glows” and “Goes” of the Primary Panhellenic Recruitment Process

by Lindsay Holdren

The Panhellenic Primary Recruitment process is filled with tradition, excitement, tears, energy, passion, lots of emotion, but most of all it is filled with hope. Hope. Many potential members start their journey in the Panhellenic Primary Recruitment process with the hope to find connections, relationships, friendships. Their hope is that this process will enhance their college experience. Chapter members hope for the same. They hope to find a new friend, a new sister, and to share an experience that is like no other. An experience some would call life changing.

There is so much hope surrounding the Panhellenic Primary Recruitment process. My hope as a campus-based professional is to make this process the best it can be for the most amount of people. Over this past year during virtual recruitment, I have learned a lot about what is necessary for this process to be able to function in the way it needs to in order for it to be successful.

I know every campus, university, and council is different, but here is me being vulnerable about what I learned and what my hope is for the future of this process. Below is a list of “glows” and “goes.” The glows are a small list of things that will “glow up” our process. In my opinion, these glows will help more people enjoy and engage in the process. The second list is a list of goes. These are things that can “go.” These are things that were not missed during the virtual process and I don’t think are necessary to come back… ever.


  • Online open house rounds
  • Reduced spending budgets
  • Reduced Panhellenic recruitment registration fees
  • Reduced decorations
  • Work with people & work together
  • Chapters and chapter members engaging with potential members on social media
  • Video content, Instagram lives, Tik Toks, etc.
  • Virtual recruitment to always be a “backup” in case someone is unable to participate in person (for whatever reason)


  • In-person open house round
  • Chants / door stacks
  • Large recruitment budgets
  • Fancy waters and food
  • Weird and silly rules that are hard to manage (like not allowing chapter members to “like” or “follow” potential new members on social media)
  • Requiring certain shoes and outfits
  • Recommendation letters
  • Massive bid day celebrations

Like I said, this is my opinion as a campus-based professional. My hope is for more people to have the opportunity to join a Panhellenic sorority. My hope is for more people to feel comfortable with the primary recruitment process. My hope with being vulnerable and sharing my thoughts, is that we can all engage in discussions about what some potential “glows” and “goes” are for our community. So, what are YOUR glows and goes? What are your thoughts? We want to hear them!

Additional resources for you as you reflect: