Seasons of Change

by Colleen Kelty

New officers, new members, new semester. The change of seasons can be scary, but with it comes innovation and growth. What if we were as excited for new officers as we were for bid day? What if the transition of semesters was an opportunity to reevaluate and re-energize?

It’s human nature to feel uncertain about what’s to come. And while seasons of change can be intimidating, here’s some tips to help us navigate whatever the weather brings:

  • Embrace change. Recognize that change means progress, progress means growth, and growth is vital to all of our organizations. The changing of seasons is a transition we should embrace – with enthusiasm! Rarely do our chapters have the opportunity to recharge and reset, but transitionary moments create that moment. It’s up to us to take advantage of it!

  • Embrace new ideas. We may think we know everything, but there’s always room for innovation. New ideas are opportunities for progress and growth. If you’re doing something because you’ve “always done it that way”, it’s probably time for some critical thinking and a reevaluation of whether it’s still working for your chapter.

  • Uplift new leaders. Electing new officers is a time for celebration and empowerment! Let new chapter leaders bring new life into your chapter. Champion their ideas, cheer them on as they lead, and remember that change is progress!

  • Follow road signs. Your chapter has changed seasons before. Follow the templates from your chapter, your headquarters, and your university. What went well in times of transition last year? What could have been improved? Use historical context to inform  your approach.

  • Use your resources. It’s okay to ask for help! Who do you know that can help you navigate the new season? There are advisors, staff, and alumni who can support you. You’re not alone – use the resources available to you.

  • Remember, you’ve got what it takes! You have the resilience, motivation, and courage to navigate any new season. Now go do it!

As the seasons change, check in with yourself as the leaves (and maybe snow) fall. Are you authentically and enthusiastically welcoming transitions?

Embracing the seasons of change allows your chapter to evolve and flourish. Spring is around the corner, and with your chapter embracing change, the new season looks bright.