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Defining a Generation of Fraternity/Sorority

By Matt Mattson

We’re entering a new era.

Pause and think about this for a moment.

I mean, if you’re a sorority or fraternity student leader right now, you’re probably too busy worrying about the big to-do list right in front of you. But if you can, pause for a moment and think about this.

This is the start of a new era.

Like, actually.


“After 2020”

“AQ” (After Quarantine)

I’m not sure what they’ll call it in the updated versions of fraternity/sorority history books that new members have to read in the year 2071, but they’ll be reading about… YOU.

You. Right now. You and your current members. You’re the stars of a historical moment. You’re going to make decisions that shape the future of sorority and fraternity for a generation and beyond.

And you get to decide…

Will your organization be…
A) centered around alcohol or
B) centered around your cause?

Will your organization be…
A) a “general fraternity/sorority” or
B) will it truly be about something?

Will your organization…
A) make its new members prove themselves in old worn out ways or
B) will you invent a new and healthier way for members to “earn their way” into full membership?

Will your organization…
A) ignore the obvious history of oppression in our collective past (and present) or
B) will it actively stand up for those who have been excluded and break down old systems?

Will your organization…
A) be permissive of a culture that objectifies others or
B) model healthy and mature relationships and sexual health?

Will your organization…
A) be loose with its standards for membership or
B) make clear what is expected of members and hold them accountable?

Those questions are yours to answer. We’ll certainly be here to help. But there is no doubt that, right now, you have a chance to answer them. This story will be written by you.

And it all starts with your pre-member experience. We know that people learn more about what it means to be in a fraternity or sorority before they’re a member than at any other time. The way you do marketing, recruitment, and pre-intake will define not just how good your chapter is this upcoming school year… it will define your organization for a generation.

This is a new era.