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5 Steps to Stick

by Colin Nelson-Pinkston

Bing Bong. If you would’ve said those two words to me a year ago, I would’ve asked if you were alright. But today, because of TikTok, I would, as the kids say, ‘laugh out loud.’ How did I evolve, or perhaps devolve, depending on who you ask, to a full into understanding this buzzword? TikTok!

When I first downloaded TikTok about a year ago, to say I was hesitant was an understatement. I was a Vine loyalist and didn’t think TikTok would win me over. But once a friend sent me a few TikToks, and I followed a few accounts, my interest was piqued. Once I uploaded a few TikToks, I was hooked.

This is an example of ‘stickiness,’ when something becomes part of our routine. Part of my routine on the Phired Up & TechniPhi team is working with ChapterBuilder, and finding ways to help groups dive in and develop a growth system.

Here are five things that just make sense to get ChapterBuilder to stick for your organization.

  1. Add 5-10 Team MembersThis TikTok by the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team shows a group of team members telling and reacting to very bad (read: hilarious) jokes. Just like a good joke is told in a group, growth is at its best when it is done with a team. On ChapterBuilder, the groups that have the most success tend to have at least 10 members who create accounts and use ChapterBuilder to drive relationships. For organizations where this number might not be feasible, think about who needs to be involved in driving growth and then bring in the people you want to be in the trenches with you. Executing an effective growth system alone only leads to burnout and limits your organization’s growth potential.

  2. Build Your Lead List – Guy Fieri eats a lot of great food, but he knows he can’t convey his message effectively if he only uses the same few exclamatory phrases to compliment the chefs he visits. An expansive and colorful vocabulary makes Guy an effective Mayor of Flavortown. Just like having a wide variety of phrases to use, organizations need a cornucopia of contacts on their Lead List to grow because we know that quantity drives quality, and the more people we know, the more likely we are to bring in more high-quality people. I recommend adding at least 5-10 new leads per week and finding ways to incentivize your team to continue to build your lead list over time. A great way to jumpstart this is by uploading any existing leads you have to your ChapterBuilder account.

  3. Create a Form – Recently, our team pulled data and found that when organizations have at least one form in ChapterBuilder, it brings in an average of 18 more leads! Forms allow chapters to create pipelines to build up their lead list. Some examples of Forms include an Instagram form, scholarship application, or a student organization fair form. As you look for ways to leverage ChapterBuilder Forms, I suggest following our friends at Texas A&M University – Kingsville and using your Form at an upcoming organization fair or tabling event!

  4. Send Out Your First Communication – When I see organizations and ChapterBuilder users texting, calling, and emailing their leads I get about as hyped as these guys when they launched Windows 95. Since I work with organizations using ChapterBuilder each day, it’s a party over here! I get so jazzed because after pulling data from over 1000 organizations in ChapterBuilder, I know that when users have their ChapterBuilder phone line set up and use it to contact their leads, they have significantly more leads and have contacted significantly more leads than those who have not set up their phone number.

    I realize not everyone is using a version of ChapterBuilder with communication functionality built-in, but everyone using ChapterBuilder can still complete this step by sending out their communication and then writing a note to track their contact with leads.

  5. Train to Grow – Clearly, this fraternity man trained his palette over the years to take the heat, he prepared to undertake this challenge. When the heat is on in peak growth season, Phired Up & TechniPhi can make sure you are prepared to brave the heat and bring in the right people to grow your organization. There are two completely free avenues to build your confidence and comfort in ChapterBuilder.

    1. ChapterBuilder Self-Guided Onboarding Course – Here you can learn how to get your site created, build and track your lead list, and assess your efforts.

    2. ChapterBuilder Live Weekly Training Sessions – Each week our team hosts live office hours where anyone can drop in to learn more about ChapterBuilder, get questions answered, and find ways to grow more effectively.

These are five things that just make sense in getting ChapterBuilder to be fundamental to your organization’s growth system. If you’ve got a trending TikTok, a growth tip, or a TikTok of you crushing the game in ChapterBuilder, send it my way at colin@techniphi.com, and I would love to hear about it!