We Are More

We Are More


This is more than just a friendship club.

This sisterhood, brotherhood, siblinghood thing. This fraternity/sorority thing… it is a life-changing gift. It’s way more than a friendship club. Let me explain.

“We are more.”

That’s the best, most succinct, most all-encompassing, and – the more you let it sink in – the most powerful way I can describe what being a member of a fraternity or sorority is all about.

It seems almost cliche on first glance.

“We are more.”

It’s nothing on it’s surface. Just a collection of a few words housed in a sentence. It’s a humble little sentence that many onlookers would breeze right past, thinking nothing of it. The individual words seem really common, but when they come together they reveal the power of a collection of people who choose to live in such a way as to exceed expectations. We are more. It’s like the brevity of the sentence camouflages the potential that lies within. Three little words that carry weight. Three little words that are timeless. Three little words. We are more.

We make the choice to be more. Fraternity and sorority members are more involved. We are more charitable. We are more likely to raise our hand. We are more colorful and loud. We are more enthusiastic and confident. We try more, we achieve more, and we care more. We are more honorable, and more fun. We are MORE because we make the choice to be. We are more.

See this “Greek Life” thing is more than most understand it to be.

“A Daily Choice”

It’s not a club. It’s not a party. It’s a challenge and a promise. It’s a million moments of truth. It’s old and it’s new. It’s a gift entrusted to me to cherish and then give away. It’s a shared mission. It’s a lifelong expectation. it’s a daily call to action. It’s an ancient tradition. It’s a future of opportunity. It’s a chance to matter. It’s a choice. A daily choice to be more.

That’s what fraternity has done for me. It has given me a chance to matter. It has given me brothers who love me, and who I love.

“A Lifelong Vow”

Oh, and I should explain one more thing. “Brothers” and “Sisters” and “siblings.” You might not understand us when we use these words. That’s o.k. Let me explain. Sisterhood, Brotherhood, and Siblinghood is far more than friendship; more than buddies or besties.  Way more. It’s a shared cause. It’s a common purpose. It’s a commitment to helping each other live as our best self – every day. It’s trust. It’s a promise. It’s a lifelong vow to help me become all that I’m destined to be.