11 Fraternity/Sorority Instagrams We Love Right Now

Your Instagram should do a handful of fundamental things for your chapter.

  1. A prospective member should be able to indicate interest and be connected with your members.
  2. Your single, clear, compelling narrative about your chapter should be easy to pick up on.
  3. The page should be on-brand.
  4. The user should be able to learn lots about your chapter just by exploring your profile.
  5. You should have followers outside of your chapter members and close friends.

Check out these examples…

Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. at Rutgers University | @ru_lambdas78
Check that consistent branding throughout. Check that sharp story archive with on-brand custom icons. A nice mix of photographs and designed images that doesn’t look messy. A lot of meaningful content about their cause/purpose, not just about their brotherhood/friendship. Love it!

Chi Omega Sorority at The University of Utah | @chioutah
Wow. Scroll the pictures and see the intentional color aesthetic. Notice how it isn’t all big group pictures. A giant selection of story archives to really dig into the experience of the chapter. Really well done.

Sigma Chi Fraternity at Florida Atlantic University | @fausigs
This might be our favorite IFC fraternity example on the internet right now. Big follower count, strong IGTV content, efficient and strong bio that uses every available character and points to a clear call-to-action. Their prioritizes leads generation. And the feed itself has a great mix of photos and partially designed images. This chapter looks confident and fun, but also like they’re not just trying to be impressive… they actually are impressive.

Phi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. | @philambda_aphia
Service first. Cause-focused. Clearly connected to their true reason for being. This feed is OBVIOUSLY about engaging with the community and being of service to others. An excellent example of a core marketing narrative shining through in every post.Arizona

State University Alpha Gamma Delta | @asu_alphagam
Notice the engagement in their posts. Very often the caption will read something like, “an’t wait for all the future Sun Devils to join our Greek community :thought_balloon::sparkles: Link in bio to sign up for fall recruitment!! :heartbeat: #ASU24 #asualphagam #gogreek” Then check out all the responses and engagement. Great work!

University of Texas at Dallas Kappa Delta Chi | @utdkdchi
Color aesthetic is on-point throughout. Great birthday posts with a unique design to feature individual members. LOTS of service and philanthropy content, including (when we looked) an easy way to contribute to a Yemen Fundraiser. We believe EVERYTHING we see on this page. This is trustworthy and authentic.

Troy University Alpha Tau Omega | @ATOTroy
Another beauty! When we checked it was super easy to sign up for recruitment. Not to mention, a pretty cool recruitment video in their feed. Any reader can tell these guys care about faith, take pride in their “Walk Hard” event, and have a worldly point of view.

University of Idaho IFC | @idahoifc
Look at all of UIdaho’s main social media presences as an example of humble but commanding presence. This IFC has clearly been working hard lately to create an Insta identity and welcoming front door for prospective students to both learn about the chapters and also learn about how to join.

University of Florida Multicultural Greek Council | @uf_mgc
This is fun stuff… Link in profile goes to a Spotify playlist. Every chapter has an archived story. Great post explaining “What is MGC?” Tons of content around the biggest issues of the day. Great work!

Florida State University Panhellenic | @fsupanhellenic
Just absolute pro-level Insta right here. Notice the video tips they’re doing every Tuesday. Look through their archived stories. A beautiful and iconic brand represented throughout. When we looked they had put a Pride rainbow treatment on their logo and presented it over a black background to make a wordless statement on the social conversations of the moment.University of

Kentucky IFC | @kentucky_ifc
Look at those chapter profiles (to assist with a virtual recruitment reality!) Look at the link that goes right to recruitment registration. Scroll down to see their countdown to recruitment registration. Extra points if you can find the vid of their VP of Finance showing off some dance moves to help folks get through these difficult times.