Not Just Talk — We Actually RECRUIT

logophi-onlyby Matt Mattson

Several members of our team, including me, just read the book Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard.  The author, and founder of the company Patagonia, suggests that companies “Tell the people you care about most the good work that you’re doing.  That’s what this blog is.

I’m proud of our company for a lot of reasons.  High on the list of things I’m proud of though, is this simple fact… we’re not just talk — we actually do what we teach.  I just thought I’d take a second to brag about that (and hopefully pass along the message that what we teach really works).

In many ways, we’ve built the company by using Dynamic Recruitment techniques.  I could go on and on about our “relationship-first, offer true value to customers, exemplify our values, and be remarkable business strategy”… but I’m going to skip right to the meat of what I’m talking about.  This January we’re teaching Dynamic Recruitment at over 20 different venues.  But we’re actually recruiting fraternity/sorority members in Arizona, Montana, Alabama, Ohio, Indiana, and Louisiana.  That’s just January… we’ve got a whole lot more actual recruitment work on the calendar.

Early on, I think a lot of the people who knew of Phired Up assumed we were just speakers or facilitators.  And we are.  We’re pretty good at that stuff, I think.  But we’re a lot more too.  We actually do the stuff we teach.  We know our recruitment system works because WE RECRUIT WITH IT!

Our Dynamic Recruitment, M.D. services allow us the opportunity to work directly with chapters, on-the-ground, out of the classroom, pushing them and helping them to recruit the highest quality students on their campus.  Several inter/national organizations have also partnered with us allowing us the opportunity to recruit with (and sometimes recruit for) them during expansion projects. 

My point with all of this is really simple.  When students hear our message for the first time, sometimes it seems so different than what they’re used to doing that it is hard to believe it can work better than their current system.  But it does.  Chapters around the country have told us so.  And we know it does, because we actually recruit with it.

Thanks for letting me say that I’m proud of the Phired Up team, I’m grateful to our fraternity/sorority partners, and I’m excited for the future of our movement.  Dynamic Recruitment, Social Excellence, and heightened expectations will continue to make fraternities and sororities the premier personal and leadership development opportunities on college campuses around the country.