Lofty Recruitment Ideas?

by Matt Mattson

We are constantly seeking the best recruitment ideas from campuses across North America. If you have good ideas that fall in line with Phired Up’s Dynamic Recruitment philosophy, you can submit them here so that we can share them with the world.

Some of the best ideas we come across have to do with OFFERING A VALUABLE SERVICE TO OTHERS in order to open the door to a possible relationship.  Do something nice for someone, and watch how you suddenly have access to and influence over them (it only works if you’re genuinely kind first).  We’ve written about this simple concept a lot lately here and here.

Here’s a creative idea for fraternities (see here for more) from Josh Orendi…

We often say that recruitment is about making friends … meeting new people … building our names list … offering a sincere service … something that is truly valued by campus and our target audience.  Here’s a lofty idea:

The freshmen dorms of many campuses are full of loft beds.  They were constructed at the beginning of the year and now need to be taken down.  Some universities contract this service with an outside vendor, others allow the students to find their own solution.  Either way, you’ve got a fantastic opportunity to provide value, offer a real service, make lots of new friends, and probably pocket a little money in the process. 

How many potential new members could you meet during the final days of school?

What if you volunteered to do this for the women’s dorm?  How many high quality gentlemen could each woman recommend?

What if you had freshmen men sign up to help you do this for the freshmen women … being a gentleman and gathering leads, I like that.

What if you offered similar help in the first week of the fall for the incoming freshmen?