The Moments In Between

by Matt Mattson


You’re busy. Especially if you’re a high performing college student. Especially if you’re a fraternity/sorority leader or recruitment chair. Class, homework, significant other, organizational meetings, call home every once in a while, try to have a social life… Every day is slammed. How do you fit in being SOCIALLY EXCELLENT , or for that matter, DYNAMIC RECRUITING ?

Focus on the "Moments in Between."

It doesn’t take an hour (or even a 1/2 hour) to accomplish important tasks that can result in your organization growing.

It’s amazing how much time is often available in most people’s day to do "results producing activities," but they just don’t know it. That’s because that free time is often found in chunks of time that are two to 12 minutes long. Many organizational leaders who want to recruit don’t have a full hour to devote, (or even a half hour) on many days. But

they do have a handful of something close to 12-minute chunks of time. What can you do with five 12-minute chunks?

Most phone calls to prospects on a Names List (to invite them to small activities or one-on-one meetings) take 90 seconds. THAT’S 40 PHONE CALLS.

Something like this takes no more than 5 minutes, "Excuse me, we have class together and I noticed you’re in a sorority. Can I talk to you for about 3 minutes? I’m trying to identify men on campus who could be considered ‘diamonds in the rough.’ These guys don’t go out hunting for fraternities. I’m looking for guys that someone like you would respect, appreciate, and really think highly of. Who are three to five guys you can think of right now who fit that criteria? I’d like to call them and buy them a cup of coffee to explain what fraternity could really be." If you did that 5 times in your "moments in between," you could add 25 names to your names list a day.

Take advantage of the "Moments In Between." Every moment is a choice… What will you do with your moments?

[P.S. It's o.k. to take a "moment" to breathe every once in a while too.  Moments alone, in reflection, or just being playful can re-charge and re-energize you so your moments of results-producing activity are even more effective!]