Recruitment Productivity

by Josh Orendi

multi-taskingEver notice that when you need something really important to get done, you usually ask the busiest person to help (not the person with tons of free time)?  Isn’t it amazing how some people are paralyzed by trying to accomplish 2-3 projects on their plate, all the while others manage to get dozens of things done while balancing relationships, work, school, and more.  Ever notice how recruitment immediately separates the “doers” in the chapter from the “talkers” in the chapter?

We all know highly productive people.  We all know highly unproductive people.  At times we have all been both types of people.  So what is the secret to maximizing productivity — especially during recruitment seasons when there seems to be so much to do?  Here’s a great article by Ilya Pozin called “7 Things Highly Productive People Do” featured in Inc Magazine.  Seriously, click the link and read the suggestions.  These are simple, practical, and effective.

It turns out there’s some science behind the pleasure attached to distractions.  Yes, our dopamine levels actually spike and our I.Q. literally drops.  Crazy right!?  Though multitasking seems to be a celebrated strategy, there’s a more effective way to actually get things done.  Focus.

Most days it feels like technology is designed to make us LESS effective.  So many options.  Too much noise.  Too little is actually getting done.  If you’re having a New Year’s resolution sort of day, start with these 7 techniques from Pozin:

  1. Work backwards from goals to milestones to tasks
  2. Stop multi-tasking
  3. Be militant about eliminating distractions
  4. Schedule your email
  5. Use the phone
  6. Work on your own agenda
  7. Work in 60 to 90 minute intervals

Phired Up’s team of recruitment experts has a mantra we live by when recruiting.  There’s 100+ hours of work to be done every day.  Since that’s not possible, let’s choose to focus on “results producing activity.” We choose to be laser focused on only the most important things that get results and we do them in the exact order of their importance.  In full disclose it takes a lot of practice, will power, and willingness to say no.  I’m still working on it too.

I hope you enjoy the article.  I hope you have a productive day.  Now stop reading blogs and go recruit.