Double Down: Recruit With the Recruited

by Matt Mattson

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY in your chapter knows more non-Greek first year students than your recently recruited new members.  Many of you will be having your first new member meetings here in the next week or so.  THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THEY CAN LEARN RIGHT NOW IS HOW TO RECRUIT! 

Many chapters educate their new members on how to double themselves by working witht he recruitment team to bring in a second group of new members.  Encourage your newest members to, as a new member class, spend the next 7-10 days recruiting another new member class!  How?  Start with this…

Mind Joggers:  Add 100 additional warm leads to your chapter’s names list immediately.  Do this exercise at the beginning of your first/next new member meeting…  Give all new members a piece of paper and a pen.  Tell them they have 60 seconds.  It’s a race.  All they have to do is write down the NAMES of all the non-Greek men/women they know on campus.  Get ready, get set, go!  After 60 seconds see who has the most names, and the let everyone know that they’ve only done round 1.  For round 2 they’ll have about 2-3 minutes.  During this time you’ll be reading some things called “Mind Joggers” to help them remember people they haven’t thought of yet…  Get ready, get set, go! (Fraternity Mind Joggers, Sorority Mind Joggers).  At the end, most of your new members will have 15-35 names on their Names List.  Have them add phone numbers, E-mails, etc. 

Quick Call Session: The next step is where you turn that short exercise into real recruiting. Tell them for the following 10 minutes they have one simple job… Get 5 people they just wrote down on the phone with them and invite them to lunch, coffee, a pick-up football game, to work out, video games, shopping or any other small activity (fraternity small activities, sorority small activities) that has to take place in the next 72 hours.  GO! 

If you do this, it is likely you’ve just created 50-100 small recruitment opportunities that will happen in the next 3 days, and it only took 15 minutes to do so.

Now is the time of year to double down!