I Surrender

by Josh Orendi

surrenderSurrender.  The first image in your mind might be a white flag, perhaps a bandit with two hands in the hair, or maybe you’re thinking of defeat.  That is one definition.  However, try to allow yourself a few moments today to think deeper and explore the complexity of that word more thoroughly.  You may gain some insight and an “ah-ha” moment.

To surrender means more than giving up.  The alternative definition is literally to “yield to the possession or power of another … to give oneself entirely to some influence, course, emotion.”

The mental image is not laying on our back or cowering.  Rather, it is proudly standing and volunteering our whole selves to a meaningful cause, a more promising future, a worthwhile team….

We “give up” when we get married.  Together we are more than we can be as individuals.
We “give up” ourselves when we got initiated into a fraternity/sorority.  Together our brotherhood/sisterhood is stronger than when we go it alone.
We “give up” our stubborn ways when a great teacher enters our lives.
We “give up” our bad habits, our lesser selves, when we fully commit to being the best version of ourselves.

I have a child in my mind.  Standing on the very edge of a diving board, staring down at the water, with bright orange arm floaties on.  I picture the moment when the look of fear turns turns into a proud, excited grin and he carelessly throws himself into the water.  Full surrender from the safety and known world of the shoreline.  A plunge into something new.  No turning back.

Nearly every person, team, leader, chapter, and organization we work with carries baggage of the past (both good and bad).  The Dynamic Recruitment system and Social Excellence lifestyle work.  Most people and groups acknowledge that.  The challenge for most is fully surrendering to a new system, model, process, philosophy, and lifestyle.

When groups treat performance improvement like a fad diet, the yo-yo results are the same.  They’re even predictable.  Year round, values based, Dynamic Recruitment isn’t a collection of good ideas any more than a fit lifestyle is just a collection of dumbbell exercises.  Full success requires full immersion.  Are you ready to surrender?