Bring On The Objections

by Josh Orendi

You know which prospects scare me most?  The ones with NO questions or concerns about joining the fraternity.  I’ll take the guy that needs time to think through a lifelong commitment and asks for some help with a few personal concerns about membership.  I like future members that take membership that seriously.

objection-hand1Did you know there are less than 10 objections that cover more than 90% of potential member concerns?  It’s true.  Take a moment to consider every sincere objection you have ever heard.  Ok, now check out this free resource:  (Fraternity version. Sorority version.)

But wait!  That document is a fantastic free resource that we use all the time.  However, it’s a bit like giving you a loaded pistol.  You have to know how to use it.  So, here are three techniques that will allow you to experience 100% bid acceptance using the “quality response guide” that you just linked to. 

1. Preclose.  We always ask this question days/weeks before offering a potential new member a bid, “If we were to offer you a bid for membership, what would you say?”  The only possible responses are yes, no, maybe.  Assuming your potential member offers an objection to membership, use the next two techniques along with your Quality Response Guide.

2. Bracketing.  When he says, “I don’t have time.”  Rather than trying to convince him that it doesn’t take that much time, try bracketing first.  You might say, “I can appreciate the importance of managing your time.  If time wasn’t an issue, is there any other reason why you wouldn’t accept a bid?”  He might say, “I’m not sure I can afford it.”  TIME TO BRACKET.  You do not begin answering his concerns until all of his objections are on the table.  You say, “Yeah, I can appreciate the money aspect.  That was a concern for me, too.  Let me make sure I understand.  If we could figure out the money thing and time wasn’t an issue, it sounds like you’d be ready to accept a bid, right?!?”  If/when he says “yes,” you just BRACKETED his concerns.  This has essentially locked him in by expressing to you that he’ll accept a bid if you can help him understand how to afford membership and fit the time commitments within his schedule.  It’s almost time to use your Quality Response Guide, but not yet.  There’s one more technique to use.

3. Time Constraint.  There are no organisms on the planet more commitment-adverse than 19 year old men.  If you don’t lock in a deadline for making a decision, be prepared for him to dodge you and to string you along with brand new concerns every time you bring up the question.  Let’s avoid that.  You might say, “Matt, I want to make a commitment to you.  I’ll do everything I can to gather as much information as you need so that we can make a good decision about membership together.  If you have all the information you need this weekend, will you commit to sitting down with me on Tuesday night to answer any final questions and make a final decision?” 

Let’s recap. 

Step One:  Preclose
Step Two: Bracket
Step Three:  Time Constraint
Step Four: Quality Response Guide

In my opinion, a man that cannot shake your hand, look you in the eyes, and tell you he’s ready for membership BEFORE he gets his bid … does not get a bid.  Use the techniques in this blog and you’ll get to celebrate 100% bid acceptance rather than stewing on why you couldn’t close those couple of kids that kept hanging out but wouldn’t make the commitment to join.