Be an Org Donor

by Josh Orendi

organ-donationThere’s a deep sense of altruism associated with giving blood, bone marrow, a kidney, and even putting that little red heart on our driver’s license.  It makes many of us feel good. A friend of mine told me “I like knowing that my legacy can live on through the life of another.”  Somehow we know we’re doing the right thing when we commit to give away something so special to save or enhance the life of another.  And, we hope that others would do the same for us.

Reminder:  They have!

YOU were already the recipient of an Org Donor.  A man or woman that is the reason you became a member of your ORGANization.  That person changed your life.  They gave you an opportunity that resulted in an enhanced life full of new friendships that will last a lifetime.  Part of their legacy lives on through the work that you do.  What an amazing gift.

Thinking about the ORGANization that has changed your life, you have an opportunity to Give the Gift of membership.  There are people in your community that NEED your organization (many don’t even know it yet).  There are people in your community who would make your organization better if they were members (many you don’t even know yet).  You have a chance to be an Org Donor.

That same friend was with me at a mobile blood center on a college campus.  In full disclosure, I like the idea of donating blood but I HATE needles.  He must have seen my discomfort and said, “come on, let’s go … sure it hurts a little, sure it’s a little inconvenient, but isn’t it worth it if a life we’re helping change might be a person that changes the world.”  (You can tell he’s been to a Phired Up program or two!)

My mind always drifts to recruitment.  Love your organization enough to give it away.  Change the World!  Be an Org Donor.

Here’s the website to learn more about becoming an organ donor:
Here’s the website to learn more about becoming an organization donor: