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Top 10 VIRTUAL Fraternity Recruitment Events

Fraternity chapters right now are asking for practical ideas for engaging with potential members in things that feel like “events,” but happen in a virtual setting. They need ideas that aren’t cheezy or childish. Ideas that members and potential members will both participate in.

We’ve curated a list of the Top 10 Fraternity Virtual Recruitment Event Ideas we’re seeing around North America right now.

[Note: Check out the COMPLETE GUIDE TO VIRTUAL RECRUITMENT for more ideas]

Before we get to the list, it’s important to say that fraternity recruitment relationships are built differently when recruitment is virtual. In-person relationships often start with small talk and casual interactions and evolve into more formal conversations and even interviews at the end of the process. Virtual recruitment reltationships are sometimes flipped… they start with interviews or topical small group conversations/presentations and grow to be more friendly and casual. Be prepared for that flipped social dynamic.

These events would fit great for members you already have trust built with, and who already know some members (“B’s” and “A’s” if you’re using ChapterBuilder). It’s less likely that strangers will just pop into your Zoom room because they saw a flier or a social media post. For those “C’s” and “D’s” (folks you are still getting to know), try 1-on-1′s, interviews, small group conversations, virtual coffee meetings, and other smaller interactions.

Without further ado, here are Top 10 Fraternity Virtual Recruitment Event Ideas we’re seeing right now.

  1. Video Game Tournaments/Livestreaming Multiplayer Games
  2. Virtual Alumni Networking Night (presentations, breakout rooms, stories, etc.)
  3. Virtual Sporting Event Watch Parties
  4. Online Trivia Night or Game Night or Poker Night (with prizes and breakout rooms)
  5. Virtual House Tour and/or Chapter Presentation
  6. DoorDash/UberEats/Grubhub Delivers Food to Everyone at the Same Time; Shared Meal via Zoom
  7. Zoom Presentation (and Discussion) about things like “How To Survive Your 1st Semester” and “The Best Ways To Get Involved” and “10 Secrets About Our School Only Upperclassmen Know;” add value to the lives of incoming students.
  8. Virtual Group Workout or Fitness Class
  9. Virtual Service/Philanthropy Projects (Like these, or these)
  10. Games/Apps built for on-line group interaction (Like this or this or this or this or this)

P.S. Remember that the “winner” of recruitment is NOT the chapter that comes up with the most creative recruitment event idea… it’s the chapter that builds the best connections and builds the deepst trust with potential members.