Manage Relationships

Track and Manage Relationships with ChapterBuilder

by Chris Buck

“What was their name again?” 

“When was the last time I contacted them?”

“What information do we need to know?”

“What did we already learn about them?”

These are just a few questions that can haunt a growth-focused organization as they seek to establish relationships with prospects. There are often so many moving pieces, desired criteria, and a team of people all working together to establish a relationship with a prospect. This can make it easy for information to fall through the cracks, communication to be missed, and unnecessary rework. This is why it is vital to have a systemized approach to growth that makes all of this easier! Using ChapterBuilder does just that.

Dedicated Profiles 

The strongest relationships that we can make with a lead are personal, tailored, and unique for that specific person. ChapterBuilder celebrates each person’s individuality by dedicating a lead-focused profile for each of the names on your list. These profiles allow you to capture basic information, a person’s values, and craft notes highlighting each interaction and telling each person’s story. Profiles assist us as we strengthen our relationship with a lead by serving as a reference point and journal of each touchpoint we have; from stranger to member!

Centralized Communication 

Convenience matters. Saving time and energy is something everyone can get behind. As you review lead profiles, last touch points, and next steps, you may think it’s time to follow up. ChapterBuilder offers centralized communication that allows for easy texting, calling, and emails. As you send communication, that communication is logged in the lead profile. This means you can see each form of communication, the last time your team contacted that lead, and easily manage all of this based on your expectations and goals. Here is a story from Aiden, who knows the value of this first hand

“Even though I love connecting with people, I still can’t keep track of every conversation. Having ChapterBuilder take care of that for me, it really helps keep the people part fun. I don’t have to do any of the name entry, or phone number entry work myself. That alone saved me hundreds more hours for the fun parts of the job. The names would flow in, and I’d just hit a button to sort.

ChapterBuilder was my entire thing. Mass texting, being able to go through it with my chapter, using the grading scale. I still get really busy with school and that is my first priority. So when ChapterBuilder gives me alerts on people, and still have homework to do, I know they need to be reached out to. That lets me get someone in my chapter to help right away.”

Adopt a Strategy and Track It

How frequently are you contacting your leads? Who is contacting them? What are the steps of your process that you want leads to go through? These are all questions that should help inform your organization’s strategy. We know that for leads to continue to stay engaged, when it comes to a membership organization, we need to follow up every few days. This means logging your communication and leveraging the last contacted field in ChapterBuilder to see when it’s time to follow up.

When you follow up, it’s important to have the next step in mind. Do you want to schedule a meeting with this person? Do you want to invite them to an event or info session? What is appropriate with the interactions we have had already and where they are in the process? ChapterBuilder’s status feature tells you where someone is in your process. One might mean they simply need to be contacted and another that they are ready to commit to membership. By implementing this into your process you always know what someone’s next step is.

The Milestone feature allows you to tag your process by tracking what interactions and experiences each lead has participated in. This means we can see what process (and steps in that process) is generating the best outcomes and where we should be focusing our efforts.

By establishing a strategy and tracking it, we can evaluate what is working and what is not. What makes it even easier is if this strategy lives in a system where you can communicate with your leads and maintain a database of information for referencing. An all-in-one relationship-tracking system is what ChapterBuilder is all about!

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