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“The Green Group” (The Realest S#*t I Ever Heard)

by Rob Webb

“Honestly, it has nothing to do with Alpha”. This was the response a young man gave our chapter e-board when he was asked why he wanted to join Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc, during his interview. Clearly, he was out of his mind for giving this answer, but as we looked astonished and amazed, with confidence he continued. What followed would be the reason I titled this post THE REALIST S#*t I EVER HEARD.

“So, you see, you could call yourselves ‘The Green Group,’ and I would want to join the Green Group because of you all”, he proceeded.

He recounted his arrival to campus and how our brothers made him feel welcome and confident. The young man explained that joining our organization didn’t really have much to do with the chapter, but had everything to do with the members. He talked about the way we welcomed him to campus and looked out for him. He mentioned how we were service-minded, but how we also knew how to have a good time. That was the realest (most authentic) response I had ever heard in an interview. Hands down!

His answer was a byproduct of two concepts Phired Up preaches: “Dynamic Recruitment” and “People don’t join organizations, people join people”. You see, the members of my chapter were intentional in checking on, looking out for, and caring about this prospective member. We wanted to connect him to the right resources so he would have a firm foundation as a student. As a result, he attended our events and got to know us on a deeper level. In the end, he didn’t choose to join an organization… he chose to unite with a group of men that he made a connection with.

So, let me ask a question: If we removed the letters and colors of your organization, what would people be joining? Actually let me ask you a few more questions: Are you dependent on your national “brand” or are you actively creating your brand through your everyday actions?  Would prospects still be interested in joining your group if it was just called “The Green Group?”

Success as a chapter probably won’t come from “impressing” prospects. It will be far more likely to come from connecting with them.

If you’re interested in learning more about Dynamic Recruitment and how you can make deeper, more meaningful connections with prospective members, I’d love to help you. Feel free to send me an email (robert@phiredup.com)!