Eye of the Tiger – Increase Recruitment Intensity

tiger-eyeby Matt Mattson

Your level of recruitment intensity is the difference between an average chapter and a championship chapter.

Do you approach recruitment with the Eye of the Tiger?

There are chapters that are “survivors,” and there are chapters that are “champs.”  Which will you be?  Will you be the one who chooses a level of intensity, a level of work ethic, a level of effort that will get the results of a true champ, or will you settle for surviving?

A lot of chapters we work with a) understand the system that we teach, b) have talented members, and c) have a great organization to share with the world… but they lack one simple thing.  They lack the level of intense focus and effort it takes to be great. 

Here are three ways to bring The Eye of the Tiger to your chapter this Spring.

1. Secret Meetings:  Don’t ask for help with recruitment over E-mail, at your chapter meetings, or in passing.  Quietly whisper about a secret meeting at midnight tonight about something crazy you’re going to do.  At the meeting, in a hushed voice, inspire your members with an intense vision of revolution on campus.  Your chapter is going to flip everything on its head.  You’re going to shake up campus.  And you’re going to do it by finding the best people on campus to help you.  Everything changes tonight.  Play this song in the background.


2.   Make everything in recruitment a competition.

3.   Raise your membership selection standards to an absurd, crazy, elite level.  What if your chapter decided to only accept members with a 3.8 gpa or better?  What if you only gave an invitation of membership to students who were already President of another student organization on campus.  What if members had to have been in the top 5% of their graduating class in high school to even be considered?  What if members had to have 5 letters of recommendation from professors in order to get voted upon?  What if  members had to commit to $10,000 worth of philanthropic fundraising, and a month of international service in order to get a bid?  And what if you made all that information public, and shouted from the rooftops that you were committing to be an organization that changes the world?  That would be intense.