Dynamic Recruitment System Sneak Peek

by Matt Mattson

I had a realization today that we’ve never shared this over the blog.  Maybe we were trying to keep it a secret, but oh well… here it is (the pic in the blog is a general diagram, to see fraternity and sorority specific diagrams, see the links at bottom). 

I also was thinking that many fraternity/sorority professionals may have only seen the first part of our message that we deliver from the main stage of our programs — this blog gives you a peek at the meat of our recruitment system which, when implemented, drives serious results.

Dynamic Recruitment for Fraternities and Sororities, as taught by Phired Up is about continual social excellence, networking, real relationship building, letting quantity drive quality, gathering horses and getting to work, bold purpose, lots of handshakes, providing value and living values, building a system that consistently drives a higher quantity of higher quality members into the organization, values-based membership selection, and deep respect for the people being recruited.  The system looks like this (this is simplified for the sake of the blog)…


1. Build as many relationships with non-Greek students (your prospect pool) as possible using the 6 Cylinders (“5 Ways” for sororities), and put their information on a Names List.

2. Build meaningful relationships with those new friends that are now on your Names List by engaging them in Small Activities.

3. Once the chapter knows the potential members well enough, they choose which persons to give a bid to using an objective, measurable, values-based selection criteria.

4. A chapter never offers a bid before they “Pre-Close” the potential member to ensure all concerns are covered and the chapter gets 100% bid acceptance.

5. The potential members always say yes when asked in a way that respects their intelligence and respects the organization.

O.K., that’s about the quickest way I’ve ever described this revolutionary operating model for fraternities and sororities.  A lot more goes into it, but that at least provides an overview for those curious about what our year-round, values-based, results-driving, Dynamic Recruitment System looks like.  This is the system that is sweeping North America.  This is the system that is revolutionizing fraternities, sororities, and other purpose-driving membership organizations.  This is the system built by experienced recruiters.  This is the system that gets results.

Attendees at our workshops’ advanced sessions receive a workbook with a template for building an action plan for long-term limitless recruitment possibility.  To see what those look like, check these out.

Fraternity Dynamic Recruitment Action Plan Template

Sorority Dynamic Recruitment Action Plan Template