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What Is In Your Control?

by Matt Mattson

“In times of uncertainty, seek simplicity.”


“When it feels like everything is shaky, plant your feet firmly.”


“When the fog rolls in, turn on your iPhone flashlight.”


Those three quotes were all artfully crafted by yours truly in an effort to pen a timeless aphorism that might provide guidance during these uncertain times.

Did I nail it? I think I nailed at least one of them. Let me know which one you end up quoting the most. @ me in all your #mondaymorningmotivation Insta posts!

Wise quotes aside, you might be wondering what to focus on in this moment. Perhaps you’re dealing with…

-Questions about in-person or virtual (school, recruitment, intake, etc.)
-A group of chapter leaders who are inexperienced and untrained
-A yet unplanned schedule and approach to your membership growth this year
-Navigating local, state, federal, and institutional rules around masking, vaxxing, etc.
-Councils constantly shifting rules and processes around chapter growth
-Transitioning professional staff who have either just left or just started

Well, friend… in times like these, you konw what I always say… seek simplicity, plant your feet firmly, and flick on that flashlight. FOCUS ON WHAT IS IN YOUR CONTROL.

You can’t control a new COVID variant or some overzealous policymakers or the consequences of the last couple of years.

But, you know what you CAN control?

Focus on what you can control.