Assess Your Growth Efforts

Assess Your Growth Efforts with ChapterBuilder

by Chris Buck

Imagine this, you are on a sports team and your season just ended. Your season was long and you fought hard. You did so well that you were only one game away from the championship, but something broke down in the final game. As you sit there post game reflecting on what went wrong, you know there are things you could have improved. Unfortunately, this type of post-season reflection only happens informally and often without key pieces of data that can help paint a more definitive picture. The highest performing teams maintain stats, assess their effort midseason, and are unafraid to adjust as it becomes clear that opportunities are missed or there is underperformance.

These ideas are not limited to an athletic team. These ideas should be part of any organization’s growth process. The highest performing teams track performance, effort, and process for easy review and application.

ChapterBuilder has built-in analytics and reports that enable teams to easily document their growth system, track its efficacy, and review effort and team performance.

Results + Your Process 

The most obvious measurable is your results. Were you able to convert the amount of leads to joiners that you wanted? ChapterBuilder generates a report of all won leads in the New Member Report. It also provides a summary of what it took to make that happen. This allows us to identify any trends or processes that lead to more new members. For example, you might see that on average our new members received 4 text messages, interacted with 5 members and added 2 events.This helps us know that we should be striving to do that with our top prospects if we want to convert them to new members. You can see this in real-time by looking at the Non-Joiner Report and Milestone Report. These reports show you what your process has been for each prospect, where you should focus your efforts, and what is missing (you can always compare to your New Member Report).

Opportunities for Improvement

Data doesn’t lie. Data unbiasedly presents factual information about what’s happening, exposing opportunities for improvement. Some areas that ChapterBuilder users can assess data include:

  • Were all our leads contacted? – If the answer is no, you are missing out on the most fundamental part of your process. People won’t join you if they don’t know you.

  • What communication tactics worked? What didn’t? – Are leads more likely to join when you call or text them? How many touchpoints are needed for someone to join on average?

  • Did the entire team show up to the game? – We know that the top performing organizations are those that involve more team members. In ChapterBuilder we can easily see who has contributed and who hasn’t. This gives us an opportunity to celebrate those going above and beyond and coach those that need it.

  • Is our Lead List made up of the people we want? – The leads report can allow us to see if leads are coming from the same majors, hometowns, and interests while our tags reports see if they are all following under the same demographics. This can help us intentionally seek leads with different backgrounds, ideas, and experiences. Granted, this means you have to set up your site to track these data points, but ChapterBuilder offers the flexibility to track the information that matters to you.

These are just a few of the opportunities that can easily be identified through the powerful data of ChapterBuilder.

If you want to make it to the championship, you have to be willing to reflect on your efforts, identify opportunities in your process, and determine if your system is truly working. ChaperBuilder’s 100+ data points can help you assess your efforts and see the success your team is looking for!

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