You Better Ask Somebody!

by Matt Mattson 

“You Better Ask Somebody!” -Yo Yo (1993)

Hip hop music teaches many real life lessons, but who would have thought that a bad rap song from 1993 by a group named Yo Yo would teach you something about membership recruitment?! Sure enough. (Note: If you decide to look up the artist/song/lyrics, you’ll probably be offended by some of the other delightful sayings in that great song….)

It’s Friday afternoon, so I wanted to share a quick, practical, common sense recruitment tip that works for any organization. You might even go, “Duh!” when you read it. I get that a lot. With many of our lessons that we teach in Phired Up educational program, we’ll have people say, “Dude, that’s about as obvious as it gets.” And we’ll say, “Dude, but have you done it?” And they’ll say, “Dude… you’re right.”

So, on that note, here is your practical lesson straight from the hip hop world. Ready? Here it is…

You better ask somebody.

How many people haven’t joined your organization because you’ve never asked them? Oooh… that’s a zen question. The truth is that A LOT of people have been deprived of the life-changing opportunity that your organization offers simply because you’ve lacked the guts to ask them.

Who have you asked today? This week? This month?

Don’t decide for your friends and acquaintances. Give them a chance to decide for themselves whether or not your organization could add value to their lives. You owe it to them and to your organization to ASK!

If there is a big process or lots of policies involved in the way your organization invites someone to be a member, then at least ask the people you know if they’d be interested in having a conversation about joining sometime in the future!

Simple, yes. But also vital to your success. Ask.

To close, I’ll quote Yo Yo again…

“Hey, I’m out this mutha.”

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