Yo Yo Recruitment

by Josh Orendi and Matt Mattson 

When was the last time you yo-yo'd? What a fun thing to do as a kid. First just trying to keep it going up and down consistently. Then, when you get a little better, trying to "walk the dog" and "loop-de-loop." We don't yo-yo enough anymore.

Did you know that the yo-yo was patented in the 1920's by Donald Duncan, but the origin of the yo-yo dates back hundreds of years prior? Over 400 years ago, the yo-yo looked a bit different than it does today and it was used by Filipino men as a weapon for hunting and combat. Can you imagine the pressure of knowing the responsibility of your family's survival rested upon your ability to bonk running animals in the head with your jumbo Yo-yo rock? Why did the people of that time settle for the yo-yo system for survival? The obvious answer is, because it worked. It must have been the best thing they had at that time.

Today, we can look back and see how ridiculous this seems, but at the time … this was cutting edge stuff. It was a proven system that worked better than no system at all, so they used it. In fact, they used it for quite a long time. And if you had been in their shoes (if they wore shoes then), you probably wouldn't have questioned it or seen it as old-fashioned.

So here is a question that brings us to recruitment" Does RUSH work on your campus? (keep in mind that it was good enough to recruit most of you) Is it the best system available? Is it possible that you just haven't been introduced or inspired by a better alternative? Is it possible that you're hunting for the survival of your organization with yo-yo's?

Let's examine that a little bit further. Look back at your membership trends over the past 5, 10 or 25 years. Do they consistently grow? Do they stay even at your perfect number of members? Or, more likely, do they go up and down like a bobbing yo-yo? Here's another question" Is your chapter so good at recruitment that it can "walk the dog" or do "loop-de-loops" with its recruitment practices? Or are you still trying to master the basics?

Phired Up's Dynamic Recruitment Training and our books, Good Guys and I Heart Recruitment, help chapters understand the difference between your traditional “yo-yo” approach that produces up/down results, and a system for limitless growth. By transforming your recruitment practices from the tried-and-true (but ancient and mediocre) practices of traditional rush to a more dynamic system that utilizes The Eight Steps to Limitless Possibility, you can move past recruiting for survival. Your chapter can not only survive, it can thrive if you use the latest technology, and that's what Phired Up's publications, training, the blog, and our other free resources offer. Take a minute to look back through past blog posts, explore our free resources, and give us a call or E-mail to talk about how you can move past using yo-yo's for recruitment.

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