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“Winter Growth Summit” For Fraternity/Sorority Professionals Launched by Phired Up in Partnership with AFA


Contact: Branden Stewart

Carmel, Ind. – The Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors (AFA) is partnering with Phired Up & TechniPhi to launch the inaugural Winter Growth Summit on December 3rd, 2020. Built for campus-based professionals who care about helping fraternities and sororities grow, and open to everyone who cares about the growth of fraternity and sorority, this mid-school year event prepares campus-based fraternity/sorority professionals to start their upcoming term prepared to help the chapters they support grow and thrive.

This major industry event, which will be entirely virtual in 2020, takes place the week prior to AFA’s Annual Meeting (also entirely virtual this year). Registration cost is only $50 and ½ of every registration fee will be given as a gift to support the AFA Foundation (AFAF) as a donation by Phired Up.


The event will run from 12:30pm Eastern Time to 4:30pm Eastern Time on Thursday, December 3rd, 2020. It will feature keynote speakers and multiple breakout sessions all focused on creating the future of fraternities and sororities by transforming the way people join. Winter Growth Summit will provide opportunities for professionals to learn about and engage in dialogue about helping all sororities and fraternities attract, select, and secure new members in this modern post-COVID world.

This event builds off of Phired Up’s summer Growth Summit which hosted over 500 professionals, volunteers, and students in 2020. Phired Up and AFA are partnering together for this event to provide a major industry moment for professionals to gather together in preparation for the coming year. Phired Up and AFA believe that focusing on the “pre-member experience” (everything that happens from the moment a student gets their first impression of sorority and fraternity life through their moment of initiation as a full member) is one of the most powerful ways to create a fraternity/sorority experience that is safer, healthier, more inclusive, and more in-line with the needs of the students of tomorrow.

“Genuine partnerships are among the most powerful tools we have to create lasting positive change in the interfraternal industry,” said Joslyn McGriff, interim Executive Director of AFA and the AFA Foundation. “AFA and the AFA Foundation are thrilled to support Phired Up & TechniPhi on their inaugural Winter Growth Summit. The ultimate recipients and beneficiaries of this professional development opportunity will be the undergraduate fraternity/sorority members who depend on their campus-based advisors and headquarters professionals to help them grow within their fraternity/sorority communities and roles.”

Matt Mattson, Phired Up’s President and co-Founder said, “AFA is so generous to allow us to partner together to serve fraternity/sorority professionals this way. We believe in AFA, we believe in the future of fraternity and sorority life, and we are forever grateful to the selfless fraternity/sorority professionals who have dedicated their careers to helping students experience the gift of membership.”


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About Phired Up & TechniPhi: Phired Up & TechniPhi help fraternities and sororities grow. The company’s products, services, and brands are creating the future of fraternities and sororities by transforming the way people join. The company delivers relationship-focused, data-driven, results-producing TECHNOLOGY, EDUCATION, and STRATEGY solutions for every aspect of the pre-member experience from first-impression through initiation.

About AFA: The Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors was founded in 1976 to enhance its members’ abilities to foster impactful fraternity/sorority experiences. The vision of AFA is to be the catalytic force in aligning the fraternity/sorority experience with the changing dynamics and enduring principles of higher education. AFA is committed to professional development, academic and applied research that examines the entire spectrum of the fraternity/sorority experience and the advising profession, and collaborations within and between the higher education and interfraternal communities.