Why We Don’t Need to Fix Our Problems Before We Recruit – LET’S GROW!

You’re a dedicated leader of the fraternal movement. Like most of us, you’ve found yourself asking on occasion: “Don’t we need to fix all of our other problems before we can grow as a movement?”


Honestly, that philosophy of “cleaning up our problems first” might be one of our BIGGEST obstacles. The market of potential members we’re currently “selling” our organizations to does not demand us to improve. They’re fine with us the way we are. There is no market pressure to change.

Meanwhile, as a fraternity/sorority industry, we seem currently fine with less than 10% of collegians wanting us. The same <10% keep showing up. They don’t care if we change. So we don’t.

It is time to change the equation. Put more better people into the process, and they’ll demand better organizations to join. Increased demand suggests improved organization. Demand (and subsequently growth) is our one measure of how high QUALITY we are as organizations.

There are a thousand problems to solve in Greek Life. We don’t need to name them here. But one thing impacts all of them without a doubt: the manner in which we attract new members to our organization.  Commit to GROWTH as your primary objective as a leader of this fraternal movement.  Decide to focus on one thing — giving the gift of brotherhood/sisterhood to more deserving young men and women.  That decision will make your life easier and will impact all the other “problems” that we have in fraternity/sorority life.  Everything we accomplish is because of who we recruit.  Every time we fail it is because of who we recruit.  Let’s commit together to growing in quantity and quality.  Our organizations deserve it. Our founders deserve it.  The young women and men who have yet to experience the gift of fraternity/sorority deserve it.