Why Social Excellence Matters for Greeks

by Matt Mattson


We talk often with fraternity/sorority leaders about the importance of adopting Social Excellence as a shared Greek mission.  We have suggested that the key to fraternities and sororities to remain relevant to today’s campus communities is to, in fact, be more social.

Here’s an article that describes why.

If you’re a member of a fraternity/sorority, take a minute to read this article about the isolationism practiced by Greek chapters.  Whether you agree with the author or not, understand that there is a strong perception in the minds of non-Greek students that so-called “SOCIAL” fraternities and sororities often display something closer to “ANTI-SOCIAL” behaviors.

Now, consider the solution:  Handshakes.

To change the way non-Greek members think about you, demonstrate positive social behavior.  Shake hands.  Have conversations. Build relationships outside the Greek bubble.  Connect with people.  Learn from those who don’t wear fraternity/sorority badges.  Shake their hands.

The more hands you shake…. The more conversations you have…  Real relationships are the right way to earn respect, recognition, and a reputation you can be proud of.