Why BE THE PERSON | 2012 Matters to You

By Matt Mattson

btp-logoWondering what this whole BE THE PERSON | 2012 event is all about?  We’ve called it an “anti-conference,” we’ve said it is about leadership, organizational success, creating a movement within the college community, Social Excellence, and becoming an Every|Day Hero.  That sounds cool, but you’re probably having a hard time picturing what it will really be like… Why does this event matter to you?

Well, first of all thanks to the MANY people who are already registered.  We’ve been blown away by the amount of people who want to share in this unique experience.  If you would like to join them, register at www.BETHEPERSON2012.com.

Meanwhile, allow me to provide a little insight into this event…  Let’s start with four learning outcomes…

After a powerful combination of Social Excellence and Every|Day Hero focused learning is experienced, participants will leave BE THE PERSON | 2012…

  • Emotionally shocked and reacquainted with their true personal purpose and values.
  • With the social awareness, self-confidence, and personal power to intervene in problem situations and be an Every|Day Hero.
  • With a written plan to deeply matter to the world through social engagement, connection and organization.
  • Prepared to lead revolutionary change in their communities.

This event came about through a wonderful friendship and partnership with Mike Dilbeck and the RESPONSE ABILITY Project.  Exactly as our Social Excellence book describes, we shook Mike’s hand, engaged in conversation, built a meaningful relationship based on trust over time, realized we had shared passions, collaborated, and organized to create this exciting event.

We’ve been working closely with Mike to build a truly one-of-a-kind experience.  Here are some things we’re planning for June 3-6 in Chicago.

All participants (professionals and students) will be treated as magnificent, knowledgeable, capable adults who have the potential to lead meaningful change in their community and in the world.

The real learning of the event will take place “in the streets.” Literally.  Our classroom will be the neighborhoods, people, culture, and energy of Chicago.  From Michigan Avenue to the strong nonprofit sector of the “Second City,” we’ll take Phired Up’s lessons of Social Excellence and RESPONSE ABILITY’s Every|Day Hero message and experiment with it in intensive real-life learning situations.

We’ll all be staying on-site, sharing rooms, building community, and deeply caring about one another.  We’ll work to create a concentrated experience of connection, relationships, and shared passions.

Everyone will walk away with the ability to gather others around the messages of Social Excellence and being Every|Day Heroes within the collegiate communities in which they live, learn, and work.

We have capped the attendance to make sure we create an intimate learning experience for people who truly want to dive head first into Social Excellence and becoming an Every|Day Hero.

We deeply believe this event will help prepare people as modern LEADERS for today’s society.  We think it will help people discover a new level of confidence in the way they interact with the world. We think it will allow people time to build a personal plan to make a mark, leave a legacy, and change the world in whatever way they want to.  We think it will help participants with membership recruitment, organizational image, innovation, and community relationships.

When our team at Phired Up and Mike Dilbeck starting talking about this idea, we realized it could fail.  We realized people might not be interested.  We knew that it could embarrass us, or we could easily screw it up.  But then we remembered what we teach others.  Take action, don’t just talk.  Do something important.  The right people will show up, and magic will happen if you do it for the right reasons.  So, if you know people who would like to help us create this experience by being a participant, get them registered a.s.a.p.

By the way, we accidentally scheduled this event at the same time as another awesome event that you might be interested in.  The Gathering from AFLV is an event that members of our staff have attended and rave about.  So, you should know that’s going on too, and we strongly support AFLV’s innovative programs like The Gathering.