What’s Your Recruitmentality?

by Josh Orendi

recruitmentalityAs fall approaches, most student organizations are focused on getting their fall class of new members.  That’s one way to think about recruitment.

Rather than thinking about recruiting people into the chapter/club/group this fall, what if you thought about expanding and fueling your movement.  Talk to people about — better yet show them — the “why” of your organization.  Inspire and lead your movement.

That’s more fun and effective than trying to recruit a few handfuls of new members to learn the history, pay dues, and take over your officer positions.

Shift your Recruitmentality from Static to Dynamic…

Static Recruitmentality:

  • Join my chapter.
  • Make ‘em come to the house.
  • She’s cute, let’s pref her?
  • We need more people.
  • We already took our class, recruitment is over.

Dynamic Recruitmentality

  • Let’s create something different and better.
  • Let’s get out of the house.
  • She shares our passion and values, she’d make a great sister.
  • More people on campus deserve the gift of our organization – let’s give it to them.
  • We’re already building our Names List for the next class and teaching this class how to recruit.

What movement are you leading?  Talk with freshmen and transfer students about their passions, commitments, ambitions, and fears.  Your organization may be the vehicle that helps them achieve their dream (which in turn helps you accomplish yours).