What We Don’t Know About Fraternity/Sorority Life

[Please see the request at the bottom of this post for information on how YOU can help answer these questions.]

by Matt Mattson

How many fraternity/sorority chapters are there?
How many campuses actually host fraternities and sororities?
What is the fastest growing organization?
What campus really has the largest Greek community?
What regions of the country are growing fraternity/sorority fastest?
How quickly are culturally-based groups growing? Where are they growing the fastest?
How many campuses use a deferred recruitment process?
Are campuses with formal recruitment or informal recruitment growing faster?
Does housing actually effect recruitment numbers?
Besides "we’re growing," what are the trends in fraternity/sorority recruitment/intake?
What is the median amount of chapters/members involved with Greek life per campus in North America?
How many new members joined last year? How many of them lasted at least one semester?
Which fraternities and sororities are on which campuses?
Do we have any record of local fraternities and sororities?
How many undergraduate members are there (as confirmed by campus professionals)?
Who is expanding/extending where? What campuses want new fraternities/sororities?
What about professional fraternities? How many are there? What councils are they in?
How can we better track INCLUSIVE fraternity/sorority data?
Which campus communities are actually similar in size and growth trends?
What market share does fraternity/sorority have on North American college campuses?
Where are the largest chapters in the country?
Deferred, delayed, open, structured, partially structured — where are these models actually in place?
What months of the year are most members joining?
Where is fall recruitment, spring recruitment, summer recruitment taking place?
How many people are starting recruitment and being retained throughout the recruitment process?
What is the average cost for formal recruitment?

white_square_with_question_mark There’s a lot more we don’t know too, but those are some questions that we have.

On a personal note, I’ve worked in the fraternity/sorority field for 12 years.  I’ve spent almost all of that time focused on helping groups attract more members… and I don’t know the answer to ANY of those questions above with a high level of certainty. I want to (and feel like I should).  I’m guessing others in our field might want to know those answers too.

We probably won’t learn all those answers right away, but we’re going to at least get started.  Will you help? We are asking all campus-based fraternity/sorority professionals to complete this survey . Please also push the colleagues you know to complete it too (peer pressure is the best!). Wouldn’t it be cool if every campus with a fraternity/sorority community completed this survey and we all got to learn from that data?  We need your help to make that a reality.  Please help us get this survey in the hands of the right people THIS WEEK!