What Do Non-Greeks Really See?

“We don’t need to be talking about stereotypes and perceptions, we need to take a look at our reality.” -Kristin Leih, Fraternity/Sorority Professional

The reasons people sometimes don’t join, are so obvious when you have a chance to hear them directly from the “prospects.” We saw this post on Facebook the other day from a friend of Phired Up, Kristin Leih. She’s an experienced fraternity/sorority professional, and her post really struck us as powerful.

If you could hear the conversations between the best non-Greek students on your campus, what do you think they’re saying about fraternities and sororities?

Kristin Leih_edited
Sometimes we do “Non-Greek Student Panels” at our Phired Up programs on campuses. There are always poignant responses to the “Why aren’t you Greek?” question. But this post was so powerful — it’s the “what they’re whispering when we’re not looking.”

Solution: Let’s start talking to our non-Greek friends. Let’s ask the best of them for help making fraternity/sorority better. Maybe they won’t join, but if we consider their perspectives and their REALITY, perhaps we can build better organizations that they’d be interested in. Perhaps they’d build them with us.