Wearing Their Cause

by Matt Mattson

arm-bands-crI’ve been wearing one of these Peace Cords for a few months now.  I love it!  People ask me about it all the time, and it always leads to great conversations (about women’s empowerment, the war in Afghanistan, loved ones serving in the military, survival tools, and more).

I feel like 65% or more of the people I bump into are wearing something that represents something they care about.  They’re wearing it SO THAT YOU’LL ASK ABOUT IT.  So, ask.  “Tell me about that bracelet.”  “You’re a fan of TOMS too?”  “What does that necklace represent?”  “What’s that hat/t-shirt/bag all about?” “Did someone give you that ring?”

People are begging you to start a conversation with them (and about the stuff that’s important to them) through their choice of clothing and jewelry.  Take their invitation for conversation. Ask.  You’ll probably learn something, and most importantly you’ll get to connect with them on an important (non-surface) level.  This helps with Social Excellence and Dynamic Recruitment.  So, ask.