We Need Values In Recruitment

now for values based recruitmentby Matt Mattson

For almost 13 years we’ve been teaching that the source of all our fraternity/sorority success is RECRUITMENT, and the cause of all our fraternity/sorority woes is also RECRUITMENT. I believe that more now than I ever have.

Our recruitment processes set the tone for our membership experience. The experiences, conversations, expectations, social cues, process and everything a potential member experiences while being recruited creates the foundation for your organization’s next several years. Each year we have the chance to make that recruitment experience better, more befitting our organizations’ historical purposes, more worthy of our rituals, more VALUES-BASED.

We’ve written about how to do values-based recruitment before (herehere, here, and here). NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE SURE YOUR CHAPTER AND COMMUNITY ARE DOING IT!

We teach VALUES-BASED RECRUITMENT too. Check out iValU, our Keynote & Training Workshops, and our Quick Recruitment Prep Course. Our training services are built to help solve the problems of Greek Life, not just add more people to our chapters. We believe in, and teach, a highly values-based approach to fraternity/sorority recruitment. Whether it is through a formal process, year-round recruitment, or some other variation, we can help you put VALUES at the center of your recruitment efforts.

There has never been a more important time than NOW for Values-Based Recruitment. We have to make bold moves to improve our reputation, image, and the overall quality of the fraternal experience on every campus. We believe in fraternity and sorority. We believe more fraternity/sorority members equals a better world. We also know that there is a right and a wrong way to recruit — if you’re reading this blog, it’s likely that you believe all that too, and you believe that fraternity/sorority is a beautiful thing but it can be done better. Let’s work together to make Greek Life the values-based experience it is meant to be.