We Dare You

by Matt Mattson

social-excellence-logo-ppt-compressed-croppedTruly learning how to be a better recruiter and how to be more socially excellent requires a personal challenge.  We dare you…

At this year’s Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Annual Meeting Phired Up dared participants to take their learning beyond the walls of a classroom setting, and into reality.  We distributed hundreds of “Social Excellence Dare Cards” to see who among the crowd would be willing to engage in real experiential learning.  There were four dares distributed to participants on day 1 of the conference, and a special double dare card handed out on day 2. 

It was amazing to see the response of the conference attendees as they took on these dares and felt the learning. Now we challenge you to share these dares with your members.  Push each other to be socially excellent, not just talk about it.  Are you brave enough?

We dare you to be socially excellent.  We dare you to take these challenges, prove your social excellence, and then pass the dare to someone else.  Learn it by doing it.  Teach it by being it. Take the dare then share the dare.

Dare Card #79 Compliment 2 people. Engage them in a sit-down conversation. Learn about their deepest passion in life. Exchange contact info.

Dare Card #33 Be curious about something someone is holding or reading.  Offer to help that person.  Make their day better.  Make their life better.

Dare Card #24 You have 5 minutes. Look around. Find a stranger.  Get their phone number. Introduce your new friend to 3 people you know.

Dare Card #19 Ask someone for  directions, assistance, or guidance.  Be authentic. Transition to conversation. Share something meaningful about yourself. Get contact info.

Dare Card #00 (Double Dare) Find a small group of people. Engage them. Learn what they care about. Start a tribe. Inspire your small group and others to take action on a real issue of shared interest.  Change your world in some small or large way.  Within 24 hours. Go.