Values & Sorority Recruitment

by Colleen Coffey and Jessica Gendron

We know that most sororities are interested in recruiting the highest quality women as members. With that in mind, below you will find some real-life case studies that you can use to have good values-based recruitment discussions with your members. From the following case studies based on actual events, evaluate the situation and assess the members' activities and decisions based on your core values as well as those of your sorority. Ask yourself, how will this situation support or compromise our core values? How will I react? Are my chapter's recruitment efforts values-based? Pose these questions to your members and see how the responses differ.Values case studies

  • April is the community service chair of your organization. She has been excited all semester about combining recruitment with service by holding an event during recruitment week that raises money to support the local Boys and Girls Club. At your chapter meeting, April stands up to announce that the chapter will be sponsoring a "topless" carwash at a gas station on the edge of campus. The carwash is advertised as "topless" but when participants show up for the excitement, they are surprised by the fact that the top of their car will not be washed. Another sorority did a similar event last semester and raised over $1000 in just one day, plus they had a blast.
  • Lindsay is a 5th year senior with the most experience in your chapter. She has a great idea for a new member activity that she did before she pledged. Lindsay comes to you with a list of 25 tasks that she will be challenging the chapter's new member to complete. The list includes some educational tasks such as looking up questions on the chapter's history in the library and getting personal information from sisters. The list also includes some "adventures," as Lindsay referred to them, such as seeing how many men new members can kiss in one hour and stealing a composite picture from the fraternity your chapter is doing homecoming with.
  • Josh is a charming, outgoing, good-looking football player and pre-med student who is philanthropy chair of his fraternity. Last semester, after eight months of dating, he broke up with your sorority sister. They remain friends, but everyone knows that she still cares about him. At last night's social event Josh asked you out for dinner next weekend.
  • Your chapter is very well known on campus as the most beautiful and popular sorority around. Margret, who is over weight because of a thyroid condition,, is going through recruitment. She is a sophomore with a 3.8 GPA, is actively involved as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, and was President of the Freshman class. Margaret is friendly, outgoing, and incredibly excited about joining your organization. During membership selection, a sister speaks up stating that she is not sure Margaret "fits in with the image of your group.”
  • To show chapter unity and promote the organization's name, Chandler, an art major, has designed "the coolest crush party t-shirts ever." The front displays the sorority letters and symbols. The back boasts a large picture of a peace sign with the text above it reading "Everyone wants a""
  • Anna is a great sister and a pretty good student. Last year, she took the same History class with the same professor that one of the chapter's new members, Tera, is taking. Tera's history midterm is tomorrow morning so she tells the sisters she cannot join them at the Thursday night event with Alpha Alpha Alpha fraternity. Anna says, "wait here" and returns a few minutes later with a copy of the midterm. She gives it to Tera and says, "Now there's no excuse for you not to come have a great time with us." 
  • One of the perks of being an 3rd or 4th year student is having the option to live off campus. This year, two of the chapter's seniors, Mara and Samantha, live in an amazing apartment where they often host parties for sisters and friends. Since you can't drink alcohol in your on-campus house, Samantha comes to the rescue with the announcement that she and Mara will host unrestricted parties for sisters, friends, and prospective new members to help get recruitment numbers up this semester.

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