Using Dares to Teach Social Excellence

by Matt Mattson

THOUSANDS of organizational leaders around the country have received at least one of Phired Up’s Social Excellence Dare Cards this year.  At many of our programs we either distribute them at the end of the session to continue the learning, or we’ll send groups of learners out into their communities to actually fulfill some of the dares within a short amount of time.

dare-cardsWe’re excited that these Dare Cards are now available for purchase (click here).  If your members have some of these cards (either from purchasing them or getting them at a Phired Up program), you can use them to keep teaching Social Excellence (and likely help your organization’s recruitment efforts along the way).

Phired Up’s Social Excellence Dare Cards provide an innovative way to educate people in your life and members of organization’s in which you participate to practice the Social Excellence lifestyle.

Share these business card sized educational tools with your organization’s members and challenge them to fulfill the dares.  Partner members up and send them out on 60-minute challenges to complete as many dares as possible. Social Excellence is learned by doing, and these innovative cards provide a practical way to teach that important lesson to your members.

These Dare Cards are great for retreats, preparing for membership recruitment, continual motivation, educating new members of your group on positive results-driving behaviors, and more. 

You’ll find 20 unique dares in each set of 100 Dare Cards.  These dares have been carefully crafted to challenge individuals to push beyond their personal comfort zones and experiment with a Socially Excellent lifestyle.

After challenging your members to take several dares, engage in a discussion to solidify the learning.  Try discussing the following questions:

  • On a scale between Socially Excellent and Socially Awkward, where do you currently fall?  What has contributed to your current level of social aptitude?
  • What elements of Social Excellence are most important for you, personally, to develop?
  • Who are the people in your life that already live a socially excellent lifestyle?  Can you provide examples of how they do that?
  • How could Social Excellence improve your life personally?  How could it improve our organization?
  • What was difficult for you while taking the dares?  What was easy?  What did you learn about yourself by taking the dares?  What did you learn about others?
  • What are some of the best “opening questions” to start conversations with strangers?
  • Did these dares make it easier or more difficult to connect with strangers (compared to your normal days)?
  • How important was your attitude or energy when trying to accomplish these dares?
  • Why do you think these dares were really created?
  • What are some additional dares you think Phired Up should add to the list? (PS: If you have some good ones, E-mail them to
  • How can you incorporate Social Excellence (and the lessons learned from these dares) into your everyday life?

At you can find further information about Social Excellence, links to blog posts that teach more about Social Excellence, and information about bringing Social Excellence training from Phired Up to your organization.