Two Decisions

by Josh Orendi

decisions I often say that the most commitment-averse group of people on the planet are 19 year old men … just ask 19 year old women.  It’s perfectly normal that great prospects might be gun shy about making a lifelong commitment to join your fraternity.

During year-round recruitment (especially summer recruitment) it’s often a challenge to get a potential member to commit to joining the chapter.  Here’s a simple "word package" you can use to help a potential new member make his decision.

"We don’t have to make a decision today, but let’s make a decision to make a decision.  Is that okay?  I’ll help you get all the information you need together to make an educated choice.  What day can we get back together to make the best decision for you?"

The goal is to lock in a firm day/time to come to a firm decision.  You might recall a similar lesson in the blogs about bracketing and time constraints.  Sometimes having the right question or word package ready makes all the difference.