Top 10 FREE Things To Read Before Fraternity/Sorority Recruitment

shop_readmeby Matt Mattson

This time of year has us Phired Up for Fall! Our fraternity/sorority friends are getting ready to start their early semester hard work, and they are pursuing one goal: a high quantity of high quality new members.

We’re proud to have built North America’s premier library of FREE recruitment resources, tips, and ideas.  We have 5 years worth of blog posts (well over 300 separate recruitment lessons).  We have a growing list of 40+ free recruitment resources.  And we have, one of the most unique resources around for Greeks — The Ring of Phire.

To narrow down your reading a little, let us recommend the following Top 10 FREE Things To Read Before Recruitment.

  1. What is Dynamic Recruitment?
  2. The Dynamic Recruitment System Sneak Peek
  3. The #1 Most Important Recruitment Tool
  4. 365 Days of Recruitment (E-Book) – for Fraternities
  5. Quality Control
  6. Successful 1-on-1 Meeting Tutorial
  7. More People Are Interested Than You Think
  8. Bring on The Objections
  9. Real Sorority Women Join Me
  10. Be Nice To People (At Least for a Week)