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Tiny Campus Programming Budget?

by Josh Orendi

Are you a campus professional who struggles to provide high quality programming because your budget is limited?One thing that Phired Up has always been proud of is our ability to work with our customers’ budgets. But sometimes we know it is just impossible to bring in training or consultation because you have essentially a $0 budget. We get that, and honestly, we still want to help.

With a little creativity and awareness of resources, even a ridiculously low budget can have a big budget impact.

Here are are 10 tips:

1. Finally something on facebook you can promote. Connect students with the group: Recruitment Ideas & Success Stories. There are great tips and a network forming to innovate and revolutionize recruitment one ‘poke’ at a time.

2. Leverage the expertise of chapter alumni advisors and university professionals — especially those in admissions, sales, marketing, etc. Ask them to do presentations or programs, or better yet… ask them to serve as coaches and mentors to your recruitment leaders.

3. Give National HQ Consultants the Stage. A consultant can offer qualified training with a relatable face. Partner with them to offer Greek-wide programming.

4. Let them read it. The book Good Guys is available for as little as $12 in electronic format and bulk order discounts apply for paperback versions. Give every chapter a copy. Start small discussion groups. Coach your leaders based on the concepts in the book.

5. Go to Nationalz! Nearly every national fraternity and sorority offers a low/no cost recruitment track at regional and national conferences. Send your students. Get them thinking about it early so they can plan ahead.

6. Cross-train. Get your men involved in sorority recruitment. They’ll walk away with a whole new appreciation for organizing formal recruitment. And vice-versa… challenge your women to consider what they can adapt from the men’s methods.

7. The regional conferences keep getting better. Invest in sending your rock stars and rising new members to regional conferences such as NGLA, MGCA, SEIFC, WRGLC, etc.

8. Resources from NIC/NPC/NPHC/NALFO, etc. National governing organizations offer low/no cost resources for recruitment growth. Call your area representative or the national office for details.

9. Broaden your budget. Did you know recruitment/organizational growth programs such as Phired Up’s Dynamic Recruitment Workshop can be offered to ALL STUDENT GROUPS? This allows you to pull from non-Greek budgets such as student activities.

10. Partner with local schools. If you have your eye on a program/speaker, you can often request a significant discount by doing a little leg work. Give the company multiple dates at area schools or bring students from multiple schools together to cut costs.

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